Saturday, August 29, 2009

I did this!

A couple of days ago, I was shopping at Ben Franklin Crafts and something caught my eye, from afar. "It" spoke to me. And as you know, alot of things speak to me, while shopping. But this... this was kismet. (sigh)
The glorious colors danced in my head and the print... well, it's to die for!
I knew exactly what the purpose of the fabric was to become. A new handbag!
"Laaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" (choirs of angels singing)
I've already received 2 compliments from total strangers!

A couple of weeks ago I bumped into a co-sister from my ward at where else, Ben Franklin's. She's a hot ropin', rodeo queen, momma! And she's got some hot sewing skillz to boot! We were both admiring the cute Halloween fabric and she said, "we should sew something with Halloween fabric for sewing group!" And I agreed!

Then I remembered I sewed Halloween trick or treat bags for my boys. And then I thought, "I should sew another one!" Because this one will be cuter than the other one! I have issues.

Love it!

And by the way, RC ward ladies... these are going to be the next projects for sewing group. You know you wanna make them!
You can go to the RS blog (sorry, it's a private blog) and check out what materials you will need to make these cute bags.
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  1. ADORABLE!! You have MAD skills Jen! Love the print, love the colors, love the design!

  2. I absolutely LOVE your new handbag! You RULE! And the Halloween bags are adorable.

  3. Love it!!! You are amazing, I am trying to learn to sew, and its pretty sad :(

  4. That is so stinkin cute! I want one!!! Love the fabric too!!! And the Halloween bags, adorable!!!!! I totally want to make one!

  5. Love them! What pattern did you use for the handbag?

  6. The handbag is so cute!!!! I am not a handbag gal, but I might just use one of those. Right now I am using the diaper bag, but I could throw a couple of diapers and wipes into that cute bag and be a hip momma(: Was it easy, or should I say, do you think it would be easy for me?

  7. I think I need one of those :) You are so crafty! Can you believe I still haven't finished my beach bags yet. Probably cause we never made it to the beach!


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