Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Schedule overload

Almost two weeks ago I thought I would be in the clear. Free of any pre-scheduled events or obligations. Free to frolic in the meadows!
Oh how stupid, I was.
My schedule is on automatic overload. It hasn't cleared. Not even for one day. And I am finding it difficult to post ANYTHING, due to lack of time! It's killin' me! Because I so want to share my Fourth of July pics with you. And I so want to show you what my OCD tendencies have gotten me into, lately. And I also want to give an update on how Conner seems to have taken a liking to the taste of chapstick and furniture polish (he's his father's child).
I do have an update on the progress of my master bedroom redo. My friend and faithful visiting teacher, came today and helped me knock out the rest of my painting! I see a light at the end of the tunnel! I am forever grateful to her, cause it would have taken another 3 months for me to finish. Frankly, I believe she was tired of listening to me gripe about not having the time to finish it. (believe me, I griped about it alot).
So hopefully, in my spare time, I plan on blogging about my annual trek home for the Fourth of July, my OCD tendencies, and my crazy life! I am also contemplating the possibility of continuing my personal series, "And Then He Kissed Me". I wonder if it will be as amusing as me and my husband's love story. I also wonder if people will actually want to read about how my 5 1/2 shoe size, feet swelled up to a size 8, while I was pregnant with my first born. I had cankles, people. Ugly, ugly, cankles.
Blog to you soon, friends!
And will someone, PLEASE tell me why, whenever I publish a post it will not put spaces inbetween my paragraphs!!!! I mean, what the heck people? I put them in there, but then....notta. My paragraphs end up looking like on big, fat, rambling paragraph! So annoying.


  1. On the paragraph thing...mine does it too. Must be a blogger thing. I hate it too. Sorry about your schedule. I am looking forward to anything you want to post about. I love reading your blog. Good luck!

  2. Mine has done that too, but I just go into the HTML and put another space in that way, sometimes that works. Its frustrating.

    Frolic in the meadow? Where do you live?

    Will you hurry it up please I am having withdrawals.

  3. I feel you, sister! My life is super crazy right now, I actually find myself blogging in the wee hours just to keep up. And yet I'm STILL behind! I can't win. I so hope things calm down so you can still enjoy your Summer! Actually, I hope that happens for me, too...this Summer is going by way too fast!

  4. Can't wait to read all of your posts coming up! And, I like the one big ginormous paragraph! :)


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