Thursday, July 2, 2009

I did this!

Hallelujah! Praise momma! I finished my Fourth of July quilt.

I purchased the fabric for my quilt last year, in hopes that our rears would be comfortably sitting on top of our patriotic quilt, while gazing up at the fireworks. It didn't happen.

But this year I vowed to get it done! And when I vow to get something done, there just aint no stoppin' me.

Oh my Star Spangled Banner! I can't wait to be sitting on my quilt!

This isn't a fancy quilt, by any means. Heck, it's going to placed on the ground, in the middle of a cow pasture, with my family's bums sitting on it. And some of those bums are capable of making horrific smells. And some of those bums are just down right cute.

Aren't the prairie points cute? I know!

My quilt isn't perfect.
I sewed some of the corners, perfectly. Like butta! Like a big stick of butta! And then other corners...not so much.
I had a fantasy of me sitting in the corner of my couch, watching a chic flick, and hand quilting stars in my new patriotic quilt. That didn't happen. The sewing machine worked just a good and faster.
I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Fourth of July and while my bum, my husband's bum, and my kid's bums are sitting on our new quilt, I will be thinking of what a wonderful country I live in!
Did I mention we will be sitting on our bums, on our quilt?
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  1. "I had a fantasy... of hand quilting...."
    these are your fantasy's?

    i'm sorry.

    Your quilt is beautiful though! I love that your bums will be patriotically represented!

  2. Yeah. You have weird fantasies. I love the quilt. Very patriotic. Is your hair different? I had your baby in my arms and handed him off and left. Then I saw you from afar and thought your hair looked shorter...

  3. My hair is way shorter, Jennie! I told the girl to trim it...

    Apparently she does not know the meaning of "trim".

  4. LOVE the points on the edges. It's a great bum-sittin' quilt for sure! Congrats on finishing it in time for the 4th.

    You need to blog about your new hair.

  5. I love bums on quilt. Love it - and that quilt is SO cute! Worthy of bum-sitting. Hmm, that sounds like I'm dissing on it, but I'm really not! Hope your 4th is fabulous as well! Love the Holiday...

  6. LOVE it! It is awesome! I love how ambitious you are! Way to go! Wish we could all be a little more like Jen!

  7. I want to make one of those some day. Your's turned out so cute. We watched the fireworks in Cedar this year and it was fun for us. It would have been nice to have a quilt like that because Cedar cools off at night just like it should, when you don't live in a desert.


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