Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Letting my guard down

Being the mother of a very curious and active toddler, I have learned to never let my guard down. This was also the case with big brother, Cody.

Cody never walked as a toddler. He went from taking his first few steps to sprinting. For two years straight, no one really knew what I actually looked like, because I was the big blur that passed in front of their eyes, as I ran after my oldest son. Back then I thought I had the craziest of toddlers. Oh how silly of me!!!! Cody climbed on top of my counters two times. That's it. Two times. The first time he broke one of my decorative plates. The second, he hosed down my entire kitchen with the kitchen faucet. There was so much water, it was leaking down the walls of our basement. Heathen!

Ten years later, not only am I usually chasing baby brother, Conner, but I am on constant guard. And I mean, constant. The phrase, "No Conner!" is a staple in our household. Whether it's preventing another mess, which mom (me!) has to clean up again, or imminent disaster from happening.

I try to get sympathy, from anyone near by, that has to listen to me gripe about my daily toddler frustrations. But my gripes are usually followed by, "Oh, but he's soooooo cuuuute!"

Yeah. Thanks.

Once in a blue moon, I let my guard slip. This usually occurs while I am using the bathroom and I'm defenseless. Conner knows my weaknesses. Oh, he knows.

This is what happened today, when I let my guard down.

And this is what happened when I let my guard down about 2 months ago.
Oh yes, he knows my weaknesses! (I'm repeating this in my deep and groosum voice)
My husband let his guard down a couple of days ago. And the same scenario was played out. Only, the hubby failed to document it. Amateur.
Everyday there is a new battle for me fight. A new surprise, a new mess, a new memory. But I would have it no other way. Even though Conner constantly shocks and bewilders me!
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  1. Baby powder is evil. But I'm sure his room smells really nice! And yes,he is sooooo cute! But I do get it!

  2. He really is too cute!!!Those were the good old days when I at least got to see my kids.

  3. He was just HELPING mom!!!! He is too cute!

  4. I hear you, sister. Cole is a crazy baby, I canNOT keep him confined! It's like he watches my every move...as soon as I'm distracted he's off! Off to break something or write on the walls with permanent marker! Crazy little turds...but they're sooooooo cute!

  5. So you are right, but he is sooooo cute!!! Seriously, he is! I am sorry he loves to get into everything so often! But I always think of that song, Your gonna miss this your gonna want this back your gonna wich these days hadn't gone by so fast! I know cheesy right, but so true!

  6. Wow in that last picture his hair really grew!

    I am lucky that Jaimen would rather kick or chase the dogs than get into or climb onto thing. Or am I? Chasing dogs is driving me CRAZY and I am 2 seconds from giving the cute babies away (the dogs, not the real babies)

    But he is soooo cuuute!!!
    He really is!
    I get that too with Jaimen, drives me nuts. They usually say, he is just so smart, and funny. Yeah smart and funny when you don't live with him 24/7


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