Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My "not so sacred" daily prayer

Dear Heaven Father,
Please help me get through this week without smacking someone upside of the head.
Please help Cody to realize that we are not a bank and will not be buying him 3 new x-box games, no matter how many times he begs. (which so far, stands at about 50 times in one sitting, before I explode)
Please bless little Conner's nose to stop leaking slimy, boogery, snot-cycles. I'm a little tired of wrestling him down, every time I need to wipe his nose. I must say, I have perfected the "scorpion death lock" wrestling move. Oh yeah! I rock the moves!
And finally, please bless my husband. Please bless the precious rear that which he sits on, because I'm going to be KICKING IT if he doesn't throw the stupid, broken microwave (that has been sitting in my laundry room for two weeks now!) away!!!!!


  1. I think I've had too many of those "not so sacred" prayers myself. Hang in there!

  2. Best. Prayer. Ever. I say those all the time! Especially right now, since my husband just bailed on our annual family Lake Powell trip to drive a new Firetruck across the country with some other guys from the FD. I'm fuming, lets put it that way...

  3. LOVE THIS! You are awesome to bless the rear you are about to kick. You are much more charitable than I am.

    Did you ever see that "Everybody Loves Raymond" episode where they fight over someone leaving the suitcase on the stairs for days? That's what your microwave reminds me of.

  4. you have problems with your kid thinking money grows on trees? I can't believe how much Tanner and Cody are alike. It's scarey. I want to beat my husband, too): The cow died a few weeks ago and I was secretly glad. So Trent's mom wanted to buy another one and asked if we could go in on it. I privately told Trent that he knew we didn't have money for a cow so what ends up in the corral yesterday, you guessed it. Another cow!!!! He may be sleeping at his mother's and they can milk that thing together!


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