Monday, June 29, 2009

I did this!

A few weeks ago I got an itch. It was an itch to create something. Something that could pass as one of my Fourth of July decor items or just be cute all year.

It was fairly easy. I say fairly because it was a bit of a pain in the rear to figure out the templates. I bought a template kit from Ben Franklin Crafts for fifty cents. The problem was that part of the templates were not copied right and end pieces were cut off. And you couldn't tell they were cut off. So annoying!

I cut the pieces out for one of the arms of the star and tried to arrange them on the star before I decoupaged them down. Nothing was matching! So I ended up just making my own templates. And that turned out to be easier. Doh!

I cut the pieces a little smaller so the metal of the barn star would act as a border. I decoupaged each piece down then I decoupaged the top.
Too cute!
Imagine the possibilities of what you could create with this nifty little project! You can make Christmas stars!. Halloween stars! Ooooo-ooooo! Fall ones! Or how about a star for your little girls room!
This week I hope to be showing you my Fourth of July quilt. I've always wanted a Fourth of July quilt for my family's bums to sit on during Fourth of July picnics or watching the fireworks! Hopefully I will finish it!


  1. LOVE it!! I wish I was talented like you, or at least as creative

  2. Ya know, I noticed this but assumed you bought it. Stupid me, I should have really thought who's house I was in.

  3. Love your star! Oooohhhh! I want a 4th of July quilt too! Maybe I'll make one over the next year.

  4. Hey, that's cute. But everything you do is cute.

    Um, I'm SO sorry I couldn't make it to sewing group tonight. We were gone last night and John insisted he mow the lawn tonight because it's the ONLY night he can and that sticks me with the kids. Ahem. Plus, I bought no supplies. Is that enough excuses for you? Have fun though. I'm at the next one FOR SURE.

  5. It is so cute! And the possibilities are endless!


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