Thursday, July 30, 2009

I did this!

These are just a couple more baby receiving blankets that I have made recently.
You've seen me post pics of the blankets that I have made before, but the thing that I absolutely love about these two particular blankets are the fabric.
I'm addicted to fabric. Some people are addicted to shoes and ranch dressing (I don't know why I just wrote ranch dressing. it was the first thing that popped into my head. that's the way my brain works. it is scary). I am addicted to fabric.
These fabrics make me smile and have fantasies of running through a field of wheat, barefoot, giddy with laughter. Well maybe not so much. I'm actually wearing a cute pair of ballet slip-ons. I don't like to be barefoot.
So back to the blankets.... isn't this blanket soooo cute? The striped pattern is the back of the blanket and I sewn in some large rick rack (ric rak, ric rac ???) trim, in between the two layers of fabric.
I love the bright colors!

The moment my eyes laid upon this adorable and brightly colored fabric, I knew I had to purchase it and make something out of it. It spoke to me. Alot of "things" speak to me, as I am shopping.

I owe my mom some receiving blankets that she purchased from me, so that she can give them as gifts for baby showers and such. This one will go to some lucky tike in Wyoming! Don't worry mom, I'm gonna make some boy blankets also!

I also love these fabrics because they don't make your ordinary kind of receiving blanket.

Just like the sweet babies that will be carefully swaddled inside one of the blankets that I have made, they demand attention. And I love to pay my attention to the sweet babies!

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  1. So cute!! You are very talented. How much do you charge for them? I need some when my babies come!

  2. These are darling! My favorite is the one with the large turquoise ric rac. Very cute!

  3. Those are so stinkin cute! Too bad I am not having a girl! But I am sure you make darling boy ones too (Hint, Hint) :) SO CUTE!!!!!

  4. So Cute, Jen!! I love the bright colors too!!

  5. Where did you get your fabric? It speaks to me too! Darling blankets!

  6. The bright colors are just wonderful...But lets talk about the fabric speaking to you...they have places that can help with this...LOL


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