Friday, July 31, 2009

Master Bedroom Redo - Finally

If you look around, you will find that miracles are happening all around us, all of the time. Some may be small, and some may be monumental. Such as making it home yesterday, from Az., without Conner puking. (more on this, later) See! Right there, a miracle.

Another miracle happened within the walls of my master bedroom, my nest of lovin', my escape, just last week. (Get your minds out of the gutter people!)

Last week I patched and painted the last nail hole in my walls. My husband hung the shelf above our dresser and I carefully placed the last decorative nick knack in it's reserved and well thought out, spot.

It is truly a Christmas miracle.

And it only took one thousand, three- hundred and two days, 5 hours, 14 minutes, and 8 seconds, to finish.

Here are the results of my bedroom redo!

(click on the images to make them gigantic so that you can REALLY see the glorious-nous of my bedroom re-do)

My budget was small for this re-do. The most expensive thing that I bought was the fabric for my curtains. The total for the fabric, thread and trim (JoAnns with 40% coupon) was around $86.00. Not too bad for custom made, floor length curtains!

My headboard and the small oval table were free. I've owned them for several years now. The Garage Queen Diva (my mom) bought both of them for maybe a total of $10. I kid you not people!

The headboard was total "eighties-ish" so I sanded it down, primered it then painted and distressed it. The table was already painted and distressed but they did a crummy job on it. That is my next project.

My bedspread and accessories were on clearance at Kohls. Originally priced at $199.99, I got them for $69.99! Score!

Just to let all of you know, this bedspread was not my original ensemble that I had purchased. I loved my prior "spread" much more. (sniff, sniff)

Me+stomach flu= total destruction of the prior, much beloved bedspread.

My two lamps are my favorite things that I bought for my nest of lovin' re-do. They make my heart go pitter pat. I bought them at Target! The lampshades were free, cause I purchased them with a gift card that I received. Yup, it's awesome.

The paint was free also. Me and the hubs received a gift card to Walmart from my little brother Justin, for Christmas. The paint is basically the cheapest brand you can buy there, but I didn't have any problems painting with it. It was all good.

I Y details!
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  1. Very nice!! I love it. And I also love the cheap paint. I figure I'm gonna paint again in less than 10 years anyway, might as well save some money. You did a great job!

  2. Very cute! I love the curtains!

  3. You're nest o' lovin it beautiful!! Good work! You're lamps also make my heart go pitter-pat! They are adorable! And a note about your OCD calendar: MY husband has the SAME -itis!! Socks and Shoes....always scattered about the house at random intervals!!

  4. LOVE it! You did such a good job! Congrats on finally getting it done! Love the colors and the lamps and everything! The curtains are awesome too! You Rock!

  5. I love your bedroom! It turned out so good!! Some day I will get my curtains done(:

  6. That turned out amazing! The same colors I want in my room.

    Alan just surprised me for my b-day and said he would paint our bedroom (and do a special technique painting on one wall:) Now I am just trying to picture what exactly I want. You give me great ideas!

    I love those lamps too, I actually bought the same one, except I had nowhere to put it so I took it back

  7. 1) Finally gettin around to visit my de-lurkers. THANKS!

    2) Not creeped out. Love Holly.

    3) Cute room. I totally just did mine in the same colors.

  8. Seriously do you have to be SO talented! I'm hoping one of these days (crossing my fingers) that some of your awesome creativityness will rub off on me, even just a little would be great. The room looks wonderful.

  9. Beautiful! Gorgeous! You totally rule! I love the curtains, the lamps, the shelf, and the bedding...okay I just love it all. GREAT job! So glad that you finally got to finish it. Doesn't it feel good?!?

  10. It looks wonderful.. YOu did an awesome job. My family is lucky we get clean sheets and blankets once in a while..


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