Friday, June 12, 2009

Flashback Friday - Hair of the Times

My childhood was the best of times. And it was the hairiest of times.

In the beginning there wasn't much hair. A little fuzz, if you will. It didn't help to have my head shaved, as an infant, to have iv's stuck into my skull. I was ill as a wee babe and the doctor's suspected I had Cystic Fibrosis. It turned out to be a urinary tract infection.

How come my chub and rolls aren't as cute, now?

By the time I was 2 years old, the famous Olympic Ice Skater, Dorothy Hamill's hair, had made a strong impression on multitudes of wanna-be's. Apparently my mom followed suit.

Ages 2 1/2 and 3 begun the years of growing out my hair. My mom must have been too busy to curl my bangs.

1979 began the Saturday night ritual of bath time, then having my mom inflicting the unnecessary pain of PLASTIC CURLERS! Oh the humanity! Unfortunately, my sisters and I, were not blessed with curl-able hair and we had to sleep in hard, extremely, uncomfortable curlers every Saturday night. The soft, pinky, foam curlers just would not do the trick.

"Would you like some wine with that CHEESE?"


Check out the Olan Mills background!

One of my favorite tv shows, growing up, was Little House On The Prairie. Although I despised the evil Nellie Olsen, I was secretly envious of her golden ringlets.

It's a miracle! I have a twin!

After years of my mom having to enduring my screaming fits, while trying to comb through my tangles, she decided to have my hair chopped off. Thus ending in total hair-do disaster.

It must have been a rough night, the previous night. I probably partied too hard. This was also my first attempt of using a curling iron. Good grief.

After a couple of years of practice, my curling iron skills had improved significantly. But to my dismay, I chose to sport a glamorized mullet. The now, highly favored hair-stlyings of lesbians. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Eighth grade was a turning point for me. I waved "good riddance" to the mullet and grew out my sides. I had yet to learn my "mad skillz" of applying blue and pink mascara and my eyebrows were in a deep need of a good tweezing.

Ninth grade I discovered turquoise eyeshadow. Horrifying. My bangs were also, slowly creeping upwards, to the heavens. And so it began the hours spent of curling EVERY SINGLE HAIR, in the spiral fashion, ratting, and coating my do with a layer of polyurethane-like hairspray.

My sophomore year has to document my worst hair-do EVER! I decided to experiment with color this year and even attempted to become a bleach blonde by applying actual BLEACH to my hair. Yup, I was an idiot. As result of my experiment, I lost chunks of hair.

During Thanksgiving break, our family visited family in Idaho. My Aunt Janet offered to frost my hair. She asked me if I wanted it "light" and I agreed, excitedly. Little did I know "light" meant all previous hair color to no longer exist. And just to let you all know, I LOVED it!

My sophomore year I also began to wear foundation on my face...and my lips. (unknowingly) I believe a little blush and lip gloss would've been beneficial to me. Eeeeek!

This is my learners permit from my junior year. My bangs were the epitome of trendy fashion. It only took two hours to accomplish.

See those lovely blonde highlights? Those are leftovers from my frosted do, from the year before!!!!!

A strange head shrunk.

Looking through pictures of the past, there are many times when I cringe with horror from the various hair styles I wore. But it is comforting to know that I was not the only one.

Now it's YOUR turn! I would love to see your best, or worst, do's. If you have a blog, it would make my day, no my year, if you would each post a picture or two of your favorite mullets, perms, or shags!


  1. I am so jealous of the height of your bangs! Wowzers! I love the head of bangs that we called the Dorothy Hamill. My mom tried calling it a "pixie cut" so we wouldn't revolt. I was thinking of how fun it would be to share all my school do-s. I may do it!

  2. This was awesome! I love the cheesy Olan Mills backgrounds. Those were hilarious! And your "twin photo" is great. Why was that ever a trend anyway?? It's kind of creepy. LOVE your big huge 80's hair. My hair past is so, so scary. I think I am afraid to even admit to myself how horrible I looked.

  3. OH MY HECK!!! Laughing so hard it hurts. Fine, I may take you up on your challange...but that means I'm going to have to buy a scanner that 'works.' You are so adorable in those kidlet photos! And I think somewhere, I remember when you got the frost! It was sooo cool.

  4. LOL...I could relate to this post on SO many levels! I thought I was the only one that had to suffer on Saturday night with hard plastic curlers in my hair. And Nellie Olson, she was SO mean but had those beautiful blond locks that I too wished were on my head! I loved looking at your adorable photos. I'll have to dig my scary ones out and write a post!

  5. Unfortunely I can't help you there. I've had beautiful hair my entire life. LOL That's my story and I'm sticking to it.....

  6. Okay I am so envious how you are with words, you seriously make me laugh everytime I read your blog! And how come I can't have just an ounce of your creativeness!!! Maybe I'll have to pull out some of my old embarrasing hairdo's that my mom and I used to fight over, which is definately one of those times I will admit that I should've listened to her (not that her choice in hairstyle was much better) lol...

  7. I love the hair! I have a few of those pictures myself, but I need to get a scanner! So funny! You are hilarious! Love it!

  8. NO WAY - you were in SLC on Friday?? Jen! What time were you there? I hope it was hours and hours apart so I won't feel so bad about missing you. My brother got married around 2:30, so we were outside from about 3:15 - 4:00ish. I can't believe we missed each other!! Lame.

    And I'm not sure I could do this...I'll have to check and see if my parents still have some of my sweet school pictures. I had some tubular hairstyles, just you wait and see!

  9. husband had logged on to his account. This is Julia...hi, there!

  10. Love all your stylin' hair-do's Jen!! Especially the tall bangs! Mine never did that, no matter how much I tried to get them to do that :)

  11. This is so great! I love the pics of you! I, too, had to suffer through nights of hard-rollers until we got a Filter Queen vacuum cleaner that had a hair-drying attachment on it that blew up and dried the curlers. Oh those were the days. I am totally impressed with the height of your bangs. I will blog about my crazy hair tomorrow...if I can. ;)


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