Wednesday, June 17, 2009

OCD Calendar

As promised, I used the window washing system, below, and I have to tell ya.... I really liked it!
There was no risking my life, while climbing up a ladder and not nearly the hassle or mess!
All you have to do is wet the window and cleaning pad with a garden hose, then scrub.
The kit comes with an extension rod and is threaded on the end so you can screw on a mop handle, or whatever works. I ended up screwing on my wood floor mop handle to the end to reach my windows.
Here I am scrubbing handed, even! I'm cool like that.
Look at those scrubbing bubbles! Makes me so excited! (gasp)
"Have I smelled too many household cleaning products, you ask?"
Ummmmm... yes.
You can even scrub designs. See the star?
Yeah, yeah, I know... smelled too many household cleaning products in my lifetime.
Once you are done scrubbing, you just rinse with a garden hose!
Easy, peasy man!
I am thoroughly happy with this wondrous product! The only draw back was it was hard to scrub away some bird turds on one of the windows. Either the turds were petrified or that bird has some serious dietary issues. But other than that, I would totally recommend purchasing it!
A few people have been wondering what my "actual" cleaning schedule looks like. Usually I just let you (my Internet peeps) know what deep cleaning or organizing thing I have planned for the current week.
I've posted what I usually do on a weekly basis on my side bar. It's a little overwhelming looking. Even I was overwhelmed. I hope this helps whoever is interested. Which is probably one person. Who collects toe jam and beanie babies.
Well this week, I plan on washing the walls going down my stairway and I will be cleaning and re-organizing my linen closet.
Have fun cleaning and organizing!
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  1. I am so glad it worked. I have been waiting for this! My outside windows are in desperate need! Your list is overwhelming, but if we each listed everything we did each day to make our homes liveable, they would all seem overwhelming.

  2. You. Are. Awesome. I even say so on my blog :)
    I am so glad you tried out that product, I always see the commercial but for some reason (because we don't have a pool) I never thought of using it on my hard to reach windows. Duh?? Sometimes I just don't use my brain, well most of the time.

    And I don't want that person that collects toe jam and beanie babies reading my blog. M-kay?

  3. Fabulous windows! I detest washing windows but this actually made me want to go get some and try it! You rule.

  4. Nice windows!! Can I hire you???


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