Tuesday, June 9, 2009

OCD Calendar

Are you shocked that I'm finally doing an OCD post? Did you think that my OCD tendencies decided to take a break? Well, fagettaboutit!

It's been crazy around our humble abode (snork! humble,my eye!) and I just have not had the time to post anything about what I have obsessed cleaning about.

In my last OCD Calendar post I told you that I had plans on thoroughly cleaning one of the up-stairs bathrooms and some of the windows on my house. Well the thorough cleaning of the bathroom did happen (having the pukes will do that to ya). The windows are yet to come.

Usually, I prefer to clean my windows the hard way... with a ladder, cleaning solution and my special 'window washing, washing thingy'. It has a soft, rectangular scrubbing brush and even a squegee! But the thought of getting on a very high ladder and messing with the washing and squegeeing, makes me un-enthused. Deflated.

I recently heard some good reviews on this thing...

The Windex Outdoor All In One Window Washing System.

So my goal is, if it ever stops raining, is to attempt to wash my windows with the above system, sometime this week. You can be sure that I will report back to you!

I also plan on thoroughly cleaning the other upstairs bathroom. This is bathroom that my son and the majority of his friends use. This is the bathroom that, at times, has caused me to convulse, made my eyes roll all the way back to my brain, and my gag reflexes to gag at will.

The plan is to adorn my chubby-self with a hasmat suit, mask and gloves and start from the top, down. I will use special tools (toothbrush) to clean every nook and cranny of the toilet. I will also use strong cleaning solutions (409, Lime-Away, Windex, and various Lysol products) to cut through the "boy splashes and germs". Wish me luck.

Cleaning tip* Keep your toothbrushes on the other side of your bathroom counter top, away from the toilet. Have you ever noticed that when you flush the toilet, there is some spraying? Um, yeah...

Or just be sure to close the lid every time you flush. Which is impossible in our household.

Another cleaning tip* Use a separate rag when cleaning your toilet. You don't want to spread "toilet germs" to your bathtub or sink. Ewwwwwwww.

Here are some more cleaning tips from that old giveaway that I had way back when... remember when I asked everyone to tell me their cleaning and organization tips. Yeah, that one.

My good friend Leslee (she doesn't have a blog) highly recommends Orange Zep, diluted with water. She says it's an "Awesome" cleaner! You can buy this product at Home Depot.

Nicole said she loves Don Aslett's Shower n Stuff. You can only buy this product at a Don Aslett's store, either in Utah or Idaho. This stuff must be good, because more than one person sang their praises about it!

And let me tell ya, I'm always on the look out for cleaning products that work!

Thanks for the tips, friends!


  1. Good luck with the bathroom. I feel your pain! I want to hear about the window cleaning stuff. My kids keep commenting on the rain and we are all wondering when it will stop. Maybe we should look into flood insurance!

  2. I have been so busy with my family being here that i missed your giveaway! Dang! I could just hear you say fogetaboutit. Anyway good luck with the cleaning! Sounds like a ton of fun! :)

  3. I don't use rags on my toilets any more. I am totally addicted to those disinfectant wipes. I just use a ton of those and I love that I can just chuck 'em when I'm done.

  4. Oh, I am already not liking cleaning up after my little boy. And he has 2 potties in the same bathroom. Ugh!


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