Sunday, February 8, 2009

Path of Destruction

One year ago the majority of my house managed to stay clean for countless hours. Fast forward a year and that image is a memory of the past. And it is all because of this little demon.

The calm before the storm.

If there is any object in his sight, you can count on it being destroyed in mere seconds. He's speedy and I am having problems keeping up with the paths of destruction he is leaving behind.

My little guy is resourceful and concocted a plan on how he can climb on top of the table. I see a broken fibula just waiting to happen.

His favorite items of choice to get into are the items which just happen to be of the most dangerous kind in my household. Knifes, toilet cleaning items (ranging from cleaning apparatuses, to the chemicals), all poisonous chemicals, and any piece of furniture that will surely result in a fall and broken somethings.

He's packing heat... and nothing else.


Future Chippendale's dancer. Bring your singles!


Not again.

Must you lick all of the forks?

(Conner got his hair cut on Saturday. It was complete torture. Usually he does good, but we were fools in thinking that getting his hair cut at nap time was a smart idea. This is the result. Genius.)

Despite all of the crazy antics Conner causes or gets into, I just love my baby! I love his giggle, I love his silly little trot when he runs, I love how his hair is incapable of lying flat. I love him!


  1. Oh! He's so cute! I would pick up after him anytime! Love that devilish grin.

  2. He makes my Morgan look quite tame. I thought she was busy busy! Good luck, and he is so darn cute!

  3. You almost makes me want another baby boy. Almost...

  4. I love these pics! The fork licking is the best. How are they so resourceful? Jake and Conner are going to be good friends someday - they are just alike.

  5. What a cute little stinker! I'm not looking forward to those crazy antics. I think C/Konner is another name for Holy Terror!

  6. I love the fork licker! That is so silly, and the picture of him on the kitchen table??? That's just pure craziness! No wonder you have referred to him as the Tasmanian devil before, now I really really get it.

  7. So dang STINKIN' Cute!! I don't think I could get mad at that little cutie either! That little man has it made! Love the pictures, Jen!

  8. Oh my heck, he sounds hilarious! And he is so stinkin cute! I loved the story wen he got up in the middle of the night and was bringing you stuff in your room! That is awesome! I was laughing my head off! You are such a good mom! I love the fork licking too!

  9. Dude, this is totally my life right now and I have a love/hate relationship with it.

  10. I guess he wanted to make it a point to let everybody know which fork was his! =D ohhh yeah gotta love it when they learn to climb.... ><

  11. That is too funny!!! Reminds me of Brock.. Good thing about that is that they do outgrow it. Now he is my neat freak!! See there is hope for you after all..


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