Wednesday, February 11, 2009

OCD Calendar

I can always tell when I'm about to embark on that hazardous roller coaster of the delightful, monthly, hormonal, saga, called PMS. Beware family. You want to know how I can tell? Well, besides the increased incidents of my blood boiling and rushing to my head, it's the sudden decline in my OCD tendencies. I'm too tired, I'm too lazy, I'm too ticked off.

Last week, the plan was to paint, paint, paint. And I did... nothing, nothing, nothing. I did however finish my Emergency Binder. In case of an emergency, I am set. As far as important documents, id's, and bank statements goes. (I will be bringing my handy-dandy binder to my ward's Food Storage-palooza next week. For all of my ward posse that will be attending. Hol-la posse!!!)

Here are some pics of my handy-dandy emergency binder.

Instead of buying dividers, I just printed a cover sheet on my computer, then stuck on those adhesive tabs. I've included my evacuation list, which includes an evacuation check list of what to do in case of an emergency, list of things to grab in an evacuation (like my photo albums, 72 hr. kit, chocolate, lap top, chocolate, cameras, purse, and chocolate), and reunion locations (with directions). Then I have my emergency contacts, then copies of our personal documents, health records (immunizations, prescriptions, and any health history, such as if I were to have Turrets. Just in case the ER docs were confused as to why I spurt off swear words or insults, randomly.) Next I have copies of insurance policies and cards, bank, investment, and 401K statements, then I've included some of my computer passwords and id's, then copies of my credit cards and bank cards, copies of work and tax documents (W2s, licences) and then copies of utility statements.

In the very back of my binder, I've placed some money (small bills) and change in one of those zippered pencil thingys. I read, somewhere, that the one thing people wished they had, when one of the recent hurricanes hit, was money in small bills. Because alot of the stores were unable to take large bills. Good to know.

Another tip, is to include photos of your possessions. (ie. TVs, cameras, vehicles, furniture, heirlooms, appliances, etc.) This will help you for insurance purposes.

This week I'm feeling a little more ambitious. I'm going to start painting my bedroom TODAY. Who knows when I will finish, but I will post pics! Then on Saturday I will be cleaning behind and under the stove. This should be fun. I'm a little more scared of what is stuck behind my stove, than what was stuck behind my washer and dryer. Please pray for me.


  1. I am so excited for next weeks enrichment! I really want to look at your binder cause I just might make one for me and my family!

  2. Do you know what just happened to me when I read this post? My heart started beating really fast and I got all sweaty and nervous-feeling. Does that tell you something?

    I am SO not prepared OR organized.

  3. You continue to amaze me. I wouldn't even think of most of these things! You just rule.

  4. You are so Creative and SOOO organized! I want to be like you! I was thinking the other day how I need to start up a binder cause I all my disorganized papers are driving me crazy!!

  5. Would you like an all-expense paid trip to California to organize another not-so-clever-ambitious-organized-OCD Jennifer? Holy Salt Lake City, your orginization skills leave me speechless. We're going to start in my closet.

  6. Are you supposed to have all that stuff in a nice little binder, all organized if something were to ever happen? I need to get crackin'. I know where everything is but to have to get it and go in an emergency would be chaotic. Good ideas, Jen!

  7. Nice job girlie.. I can't even find half of this stuff.. Since we moved I haven't even unpacked most of these things... LOL I'm going to be in deep doggie doo doo...


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