Thursday, February 5, 2009

OCD Calendar

It's been a hectic week, and I have been slacking. But I am entitled to do that once in a while. Especially when my 16 month old son decides to climb out of his crib at 3:00 AM, raid the kitchen drawers, then proceeds to bring me an assortment of forks, knifes, a loaf of bread, fruit snacks, and a cookie mix. Did I forget to mention all of this "activity" happened while I lay asleep in my bed. What am I going to do with him?!?!?

Evil disguised in cuteness.

Well last week I told you, my faithful readers, that I planned on installing organization do-dads to this horrific closet. That I have hated for 7 YEARS! Oh yeah, let me tell ya, I did not take no for an answer! No husband of mine was going to prevent me from doing what I have longed to do for so long! Wah ha ha ha ha ha!!!

And here is the outcome...

Lalalalalalala.... I believe the heavens just opened.

This was so easy, and it only took me 7 YEARS to quit nagging my husband to build me some shelves, and to just go to the store and buy it MYSELF! With this shelving system, I can add some more shelves, baskets, rods, or other organizational elements, anytime I want. I just got goose bumps.

I decided to give my OCD tendencies a little break this week. I have a food storage-palooza I'm preparing for RS this month, and I just don't feel like do anything this week.

One thing that I am planning on doing this week is to paint my master bedroom. That's right... I'm going to spice things up in the bedroom. I plan on doing this by sewing curtains, painting and shopping for new and exciting decor... in a negligee. It may not excite my husband, but I don't care. It's all about me!

Once I am done, I promise to share some pictures with you!


  1. whoa! The shelves rock! As for the lil' midnight caperer with the loads of drool and extreme cuteness, I'm not sure what to tell ya other then ROFL! That picture is too funny! Yeah, you and Steve are in for it alright... Hims knows he's adorable also, you can tell by the ebilness in the belly laugh! ><

  2. When you open a perfectly organized closet you know in your heart that secretly, you are better than everybody else. At least that's how I feel. I have closet superiority (when they're clean.)
    P.S., nice to meet you.

  3. A clean closet is truly heart warming. yeah for you!!

  4. Looks Fab!! Love that picture of Connor! He is too cute!

  5. I love, love, the closet. I think I have closet envy.

  6. Nice work on the closet!! Looks great too. What a wonderful peace of mind to know when the doors are opened nothing will fall out to beat you.. Connor is too cute!! How can you be mad at that little face even at 3am....

  7. I need you to come and be ocd at my house! The shelves look awesome! I have so many projects like that I need to get to! I love your blog it is so awesome!

  8. Your closet looks so great! Now every time you need to smile you can just go look at that. Good luck with your spicy bedroom! Try TJ Maxx for fun cheap stuff.


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