Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fallen Athletes

The other day, "breaking news", exploded all over the air ways, front pages of the newspapers, and became the top story of every t.v. news program imaginable... our beloved Olympic gold swimmer, Michael Phelps, was pictured smoking some wacky tobacky in a bong. Oh how my heart broke after hearing this horrific news.

I must question, "What has happened to some of our talented athletes, lately?" Is it the fast pace living of an athlete's life? Is it the money and fame? Or maybe it's just the crowd that they are hanging with?
Here is Michael Phelps in all of his glorious-nous. (Swimming does a body good.)

Perhaps if he had "hung" around Guido, instead of some of his hippie swimming pals, he would have stayed on the path of righteousness.

Guido is not ashamed of showing his devotion to his religion.

Another famed athlete, that has recently fallen, is the football player Michael Vic. Michael was caught running an illegal pit bull fighting ring and is now serving "time".

Penelope invited Michael to join her popular, Penelope's Prestigious Poodle dance team, but sadly he declined.

If only Mr. Vic had concentrated his interests in the canine species, in a much more wholesome activity.... poodle jazzercise.

And how can we ever forget the saga between the Olympic skaters, Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan.

Tonya became insanely jealous and determined to win Olympic gold no matter what! She was willing to go to the full extent of breaking the law, by hiring her beefy bodyguard to whack Nancy's knee with a club.

Tonya's devious plan failed and she served some jail time.

This zaney duo came to fist-a-cuffs at one time in their careers, but overcame their ill feelings towards each other.

Tonya could have learned a thing or two about "good sportsmanship", by following this phenom, skating, duo's examples.

These athletes have been accused of enhancing their performances with steroid use.
Did Barry Bonds succumb to the peer pressure of injecting "liquid muscles"?

America's sweetheart, Marion Jones, admitted to taking steroids orally, during the Sidney Olympics. Didn't your momma teach you to not take candy from strangers?

The Tour de France cyclists, Floyd Landis, lost his title and the coveted yellow jersey, after testing positive for steroids. Oh Floyd, you have disappointed so many.

All three of these athletes could have learned something from Rhonda. Rhonda is more than happy to share her secrets of "beefing up" the natural way.

Doesn't Rhonda exude that natural brawn?


  1. Oh, Jen, it is both hilarious and disgusting. The strongest thing I "do" is Diet Dr Pepper. Sometimes I wonder if that's too much. You have me laughing up my o.j. this morning!

  2. OTFL (that means on the floor laughing) I am not sure I wrote it right, so I thought I spell it out.

  3. I don't know, I think even Guido looks a little suspicious. Rhonda? Well that's just scary.

    I was so sad to hear about Michael Phelps as well. It really sucks to have such amazingly talented people make such stupid choices. Argh!

  4. You seriously crack me up! We have had quite the circus of atletes, haven't we!

  5. You seriously crack me up! We have had quite the circus of atletes, haven't we!

  6. I LOVE this post Jennifer! You are awesome!

  7. My son I am glad to say has not fallen with the atheletes. He is on the Montana Tobacco Quit poster. It is displayed across our great state spouting the glories of being tougher than tobacco. It's awesome. He's a celebrity!!

  8. Alright, seriously so funny, I had to come back and read it again. I love the dancing poodles that asked M. Vic to join them. hehehe


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