Friday, January 16, 2009

Flashback Friday! Ewwwww.

My 13th anniversary is in a mere 3 days and I have been reminiscing about those tender "newly wed" days/months/years. I'm astonished at how fast the years have gone by, and I'm wishing the next 13 years will come slower. I've also thought of the funny experiences we have had as a couple over these past thirteen years. One such experience comes to mind....

Steve and I had only been married a month or so. We were living in wedded bliss. (sigh) Young love. My honey would wake up in the wee hours of the morning to go to work and he would always give a loving kiss good bye, as I was still slumbering in our marital bed. Steve has almost always sported a mustache and go-t and would often tickle my face when he would lean over to kiss me good bye. This one particular day, I was already awake, but struggling to get out of bed. I am NOT a morning person.

We chit chatted about what our plans were for the day and I asked him what he wanted for dinner that evening. Back in those days, there was not a morning nor evening when we didn't kiss each other good bye or greeted one another with a kiss. We were kissin' fools! It's makes me wonder why we don't do that as much anymore. Is it because we are too busy with kids and such?

Any hooo... Steve leaned over our bed to give me one of those sweet and tender kisses good bye. He approached me and we locked lips, but gently. His warm mustache tickled the top of my lips and I smiled. Soon the warm fuzzies I was just feeling, turned into confusion. Something was "off" with this kiss. I wasn't feeling the leftover tickle feeling that I would often have to rub off. Instead it was a warm, wet feeling.

My first instinct was to lick my lips. But when I did lick them, instead of just moistening my sticky, morning breath lips, I licked up a salty, warm, liquid substance. Steve pulled away from me to head off to work and then I noticed the red substance oozing out of his right nostril.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" I screamed. "Your nose just bled on my lips and I licked it!!!!! Ewwww!!!!"

Steve immediately threw his head back to prevent the blood to continue to drip out of his nose and he laughed the whole way to the bathroom to get some tissue. "Hahahahahah!!! I'm s-s-sorry!!" he howled.

Once his nose stopped bleeding, he attempted the morning ritual kiss again. Only this time, I gave him my cheek to kiss.

Brad, here, is sporting a bloody nose (it's fake). However, the look on his face is what I looked like after licking up my husband's bloody nose remnants.


  1. Oh that's just yucky. By the way, what did you have for dinner that night?

  2. that's too funny!!

  3. Ewwwwwww!!!!



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