Sunday, January 18, 2009

OCD Calendar

It's another week of my OCD calendar. I know you are thrilled.
If you would like to ignore all of this hub bub of a post, you can just bypass all of this and take a gander of the shortened version of my OCD calendar on the right. But I have to warn you, you may miss out an a tip that can change your life forever. Or a short anecdote that will reveal my inner most deamons. Well, maybe not so much.

First off, Monday I will be celebrating my 13th anniversary with my dearly beloved, hubbin. You can celebrate with us if you'd like. Give your spouse and smack (kiss) on the lips and tell him/or her, "Happy Jen and Steve anniversary!"

On Wednesday I will be cleaning and organizing my laundry room's cupboards. You can follow me and do this by cleaning/organizing your shelves or cupboards also. That is, if you'd like to. If not, just ignore this part and you can spend your time watching an episode of Oprah or maybe you choose to spend your time picking your toes. I don't know. I won't judge.

The first thing I do is empty each shelf and wipe it clean then I start to chuck stuff that I have not used for the last year or so. Such as the million mysterious metal parts that my husband leaves around the house. Then I put the other items in their proper areas. Because I'm a shorty, the things I use the most are on the bottoms shelves and the items that I rarely use, are on top. That's a given. I told ya, that I'm not that clever.

Friday I will be continuing to file all of our papers and tax records and I will start to gather all of the records that our tax guy needs to figure out how much the government is going to demand from us. (We have never received a tax return. We have to pay every year. The tax man is evilllllll!)

On Saturday I will continue to clean the up stair's hall way walls and baseboards. Click here to read about my tips on cleaning walls.

One item that I have put together, that helps me to keep my household running smoothly is my Home Management Manual. It's just a three ring binder that contains the vital information that I need at a moments notice. I keep it by the phone in our kitchen and I can truthfully tell you that I refer to this manual at least once a week. Every paper, document, manual is kept in a plastic cover thingy. I just totally forgot what they are called. I'm getting Alzheimer's.

I keep all of the restaurant take out menus in the front pocket of the binder. I also keep coupons for the restaurants in the pocket also. This way I don't have to search through old newspaper adds.

The first section of my manual is where I keep our ward's (from church) lists of phone numbers and addresses and where I keep a list of our family and friends phone numbers, e-mail address, birthdays, other important dates, home addresses, and even Internet site addresses. This section is a life saver!

This section is the Medical Records section. I keep my kid's shot records here and I also keep a record of prescriptions that we have used in the past. We rarely have to be on any prescriptions, and sometimes I forget what my kid's have taken in the past. This is a nice reminder of what worked with what illness my family has had. I also keep copies of our health insurance cards and policy in this section.

In the Personal Records section, I keep copies of birth certificates, licenses, social security cards, and church certificates for blessings/baptisms, etc. I keep the originals in a fire safe, safe. Once in a while I will need my husband's social security number and I have never been able to memorize it. This way I don't have to call him at work to ask him what his social security number is. It comes in handy!

I like to keep magazine renewal cards in this section. Once my subscription is up, I just grab a card, fill it out, and mail it. I also keep extra store membership cards (such as my Blockbuster cards) here. It never fails, and I usually end up misplacing one of these cards. This is also where I keep all of my ID's and Passwords for my computer. Everytime I pay a bill on line, or order some more clothes from the Children's Place, I can just refer to my handy dandy ID and Password print out.

There is nothing more annoying to me, than to look for the manual for an appliance of some sort! I place all manuals and instruction manuals for all of my kitchen appliances, mp3's, phones, etc. in here. For instance, my electric griddle came with a list of what temperatures the manufacturers recommend for cooking pancakes or hash browns. It's a handy thing to refer to. Or another example is my Cocoa-Motion machine. The booklet is filled with recipes and measurements to make a perfect cup of hot chocolate. Yummmm. I also put advertisements and a printout of lawn services I use, carpet cleaners, window cleaners, car services, etc.

In the back pocket of my manual, is where I keep my OCD calendar for the year. I can just pull it out any time I need to write in something or change something. It is my personal bible.

Now go, my loyal readers. Go clean and organize. Make your mommas proud.


  1. The cleaning thing...Not so much. The organized binder...Love it. The thing is, all those things you put in yours are in various places in my house and it will be a pain to find them all to put them together. Maybe this will be my next project. Thanks for the idea!! I want to be like you when I grow up.

  2. Wow. I am dizzy right now. You are SO organized. I wish I had just a fraction of your OCD. Can you share?

  3. That book is genius!!! I am going to make one... one day... after I make Jaimen's photo book up-to-date, and mine too. Oh then I will have another baby to start a photo book for.
    Can you just come over and make this book for me?

    Do you own a TV?

  4. That's a great idea. Wish I could come up with a book like that... Huh maybe I will.... you just never know!!!

  5. Happy anniversary you two!! =)

    I really like the idea of your book also. My thing is tho that it wouldn't fit into my fireproof 'lock box'. I keep a box for all that official document stuff in like the birth certificates, shot records, SS cards, etc. hmmm, maybe I could buy a bigger lock box! Think I'll have to do that. =)

  6. I do not have one iota, one ounce, one anything of OCD. I read this and it is a cloud of mystery in my "fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants" personality. But I admire your organization. How 'bout a free trip to Cali?

  7. So did Steve take you out? We, I mean, I could've baby sat. Honestly, a romatic trip to El Burrito, I'm sure. Wait, Steve would've invited us!!!

  8. Great idea on the binder. I keep everything filed. The problem is they are all in different files, so if I need something I have to go hunting. This would be a great way to simplify that.

  9. Oooooh! I absolutely LOVE the binder Idea! I am going to have to try that one. And if you want, You can come help me organize the rest of my house if you would like!


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