Tuesday, September 2, 2008

T.P. Schmorgesborg

It's a well known fact, that anyone who knows our family, also knows that I have given birth to a human vacuum. This brand of vacuum is known as a Conner. I can vacuum, sweep, and mop every floor surface in our humble abode, and the kid will still manage to find some sort of morsel or fiber to consume.

One of his favorite forms of vittles is carpet fibers. He actually pulls out the carpet fibers and then proceeds to munch on them! Conner is able to poop a rug, with the amount of carpet fibers he has consumed. And then there is his weakness... his weakness for toilet paper. Maybe it's the thin, paper like, texture or it's ability to disintegrate into a little ball of fibrous material that makes my baby become giddy with utter joy. I've taken a sample of toilet paper myself to see what all of the hub-bub was about, and I just don't see what the big deal is.

We usually try to keep all bathroom doors closed at all times, but once in a while we have been known to slack. Conner has a 6th sense and will bolt to an un-guarded bathroom.

What did I tell ya? Pure and utter giddy-ous-ness!

Oh my! Should I be worried?

Excuse me sir? You have some toilet paper stuck to your tushy. And not to mention... a mouthful of toilet paper, also.

Look! He wants to share!


  1. Good fiber right?!

  2. Maybe he is lacking a certain vitamin or mineral in his diet? TP is fibrous and could just be highly nutritious. He'll stop when, in first grade, the kids laugh at him for needing to go to the bathroom to get some TP to suck on. Peer pressure is an amazing tool! Works for kids who don't potty train, too.

  3. I am TOTALLY cracking up here! That is so hiliarious! Must be a boy thing! I remember Brandon doing the same thing :)

  4. I love the jammies, btw. Those are the cutest pics! Eeewwww...toilet paper in the mouth?!? Kids DO seem to know when a bathroom is unattended/open for their mischeviousness. Jake loved /q-tips better than toilet paper, thank goodness.

  5. He does look pretty happy to have the tp in his mouth. What a funny kid! Whitley is doing the same thing so I thought to myself, I better get my vacuum fixed so I can try and keep my carpet free of treasures for her to put in her mouth.

  6. Alittle bit of dirt never hurt my kids. Look how big they all are for heaven's sake!

  7. I know I'm late...at least its clean toilet paper right??!!

  8. maybe he was looking for some self cleaning poopy!!


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