Thursday, September 4, 2008

Flashback Friday - Dance! Dance!

At the tender age of 6 years old, my dance career launched. The highlight of dance classes were the recitals and the chance to wear skimpy sequined attire and makeup! To this day I remember the dance steps to one of my tap dancing performances... shuffle step, shuffle step, shuffle step,ball change, shuffle step, shuffle step, shuffle step, ball change, buffalo, step, buffalo, step, paradidle, paradidle. Who named these steps?

Here's one of my most memorable costumes and I loved everything about, except the stupid ribbons woven in between my toes. Oh how I loved the flashy fringe! And the well placed, sequined, netted poof and ruffles... Don't get me started!

There were a large variety of dancers that also attended our dance studio that are well worth mentioning.

Shenaynay and Terrance were the envy of all of the dancers. They collaborated their jazz brains and designed their own costumes for the recital. Terrance topped it off by dying his hair with Koolaid. Kudos Shenaynay and Terrance!

Apparently our dance troop wasn't good enough for Eunice. She left the troop and joined the Solid Gold Dancers.

Oswald was our only improvisational dancer, a.k.a post-modern dancer. He liked to jig things up by adding "jazz hands" to his performances.

Lord of the Dance. Cliff was resourceful in many aspects. He perfected the grand jete (je-tay) while playing the pan flute and managing to keep his red bandanna loin cloth in place. Bravo Cliff!

Come on kick it! Ice ice baby! Word to ya mutha!

Sadly Thadeus was unable to return to dance after his unfortunate dance injury. Wanda felt horrible for her over-exuberant kick, that ended Thadeus' career.


  1. Oh that is Hilarious! I love your flashbacks. I seriously cry while I laugh!

  2. Cute Picture of you, Jen! Love all the other photos! Those are so funny :)

  3. I have a memory of dance class too. But alas I.. didn't get to wear the frilly attire. I... had to wear a yellow yodelerer looking outfit with bright red shows thus... ending my tap dance career rather quickly.... But you do look devine dahling...

  4. I remember dance class. I only got to take it two years. The first year I was a duck and the second year I was a chinese girl. It was fun, but the bar at my dance teachers house always had boogers on it. That was gross!

  5. You are soooo adorable! Cute cute pic of you! That IS weird that they wound ribbons between your toes does a little girl dance like that? Did they cut your little toes? Ouchie!

    Thanks for the laugh.

  6. Oh my gosh! Those pictures were so funny. Now I had my laugh I can go to bed.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. I watched Solid Gold every week when I was a kid! I really wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer when I grew up! Thanks for the memories!

  8. How hilarious is it that I, too, remember the steps to one of my dances:
    Hop, Shuffle, Step, Fallap, Step, Stomp!!! I remember doing this move over and over. And guess what? I still can. Yup. I'm awesome.


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