Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flashback Friday! Gunne Sax Fashion-nista

In the early 80's, you just were not a stylin' babe if you did not own a Gunne Sax frock!

Being from the remote state of Wyoming, a Gunne Sax outlet was hard to come by. So we resorted to sewing our own Gunne Sax trends.

Check me out at one of my piano recitals. Oh the horror. And what's with the idiotic smile?

I believe I was 10 years old in this picture and I have to tell ya, I adored this dress. The intricate lace work on the bodice. The, all to familiar choice of fabric... black with small pink flowers. The flouncy skirt and last but not least... the see through sleeves. Oh those see-through sleeves! (sigh)

Look! It's a "family" of Gunne Sax-'s! My mom was way into sewing matching dresses and nightgowns for all of us gals.

Alot of my friends used to wear this very same fashion statement. I have the pictures to prove it!

Cynthia was thrilled to find out that her beloved Gunne Sax dress could double as a wedding dress!

Beatrice threw caution into the wind and made a fashion statement all her own. She chose a hunter green fabric with the lace trim. Oh yeah, Beatrice was known to disregard the norm, once in a while.

Rain always danced to the beat of a different drum. She attended the peace rally in her favorite Gunne Sax bohemian smock, made entirely of organic materials. The hemp criss-crossed detail, on the side, added just the right amount of flair.

My mom sewed both of these dresses, also. My mom was a Gunne Sax virtuoso.

Darla claimed her dress was an "authentic" Gunne Sax dress. But we knew better. "Where is the lace detail? The gathering? And how about the see-through sleeves!" We knew she was just jealous of all of us and our well placed ruffles, lace trim, and see-through sleeved coutour.


  1. LOL!! I remember THOSE!! They were my favorite :) Fun Post Jen!

  2. I never knew how to spell that. IK still won't even attempt it here. But I LOVED those dresses. Even sported a few hand me downs from girls in the ward. Aahhh...Memories!

  3. P.S. Your pics are so adorable! :)

  4. What is Darla wearing??? Is that leather with frill's all around? I don't understand why someone would do that.

    Love that your mom would sew matching dresses and pj's. I secretly used to wish my mom would have sewn for me. Now I am super glad she never did. It would have been traumatizing.

  5. The last dress has to be my favorite! Yours by the piano comes in 2nd.

  6. Ok, this will officially date me and you will all think I am a geek...but I actually had a Jessica McClintok (ie. gunnie sac sp??) dress for my wedding dress! Lets face it, I am 5'1 and was not about to wear some Cinderella dress for my wedding dress. It was a tea length dress and it sported the intricate lace and bodice work...someday I'll show you a picture:) Love the post btw:)

  7. I thought your smile was adorable! That's so cool that your mom sewed your dresses! My mom sewed most of mine growing up. I never got a Gunne Sax dress though. Some of my friends had them...luuuucckkkyyyy!

    p.s. I love that your friend Lori Banta wore a Jessice McClintok dress for her wedding dress - I ALWAYS wanted one of those Lori!

  8. I actually have a friend that still wears those dresses!!!(I think she sews them too.)

  9. these even looked good on us poor little fat girls!! LOL

  10. I still have my Gunne Sax Jr. Prom Dress...can't get into it...but I have it. "Nights in White Satin", dancing with my boyfriend Kym C., in my cream colored Victorian Gunne Sax dress FROM the outlet in San Fran...oh the memories.

  11. Jen I still need help on sweetshoppe because I don't know where to go for the blog templates. I probably sound dumb because it's right in front of me but I am confused. are they free?

  12. Ok, YOU are hysterical. I think I had one of these dresses, but I didn't have the sheer sleeves. You would have shunned me back then, so it's good we're friends now.


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