Tuesday, July 29, 2008


No, I'm not pregnant with twins! But today my very good friend, Kristie, had her twins. A baby girl and a baby boy! I can't wait to meet her sweet babies and snuggle them!

When I was pregnant with Conner, I was actually pregnant with twins for a little while. When my doctor told me and my husband we were going to have twins, I was in complete and total shock. My husband said I turned white. So many thoughts rushed through my head, all at once. How am I going to carry twins? I'm only 5 feet and almost 1 inch tall! Will I ever sleep again? C-section? Boys? Girls? or Boy and a girl? Can I do this?

This moment only lasted a little while and we were told that the other "twin" was not a viable twin. (there was no blood flow) "That's okay," I thought. "It's wasn't meant to be."

However, I couldn't help but feel a little sad. I sometimes wonder.... what if? But, then I just have to watch Cody and Conner and know that I am extremely blessed.

Watching Kristie endure her pregnancy, I couldn't help but think if I would have been as strong as she was. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be. She is the mother of 4 other cute kiddies, (now the mother of 6!) and she was diligent in her church calling during her entire pregnancy! And she has a very busy church calling. I am in awe of her!
So in honor of Kristie and her twins I am posting some pictures of some twins!

I'm tearing up over these cuties!

The Minnesota Twins!

Twin horsies

Oh my! Very large twins. A true testiment to this brand of motorcycles.

Cute little twin grannies

These are how Kristie's twins were laying inside of her! Bless her!

The Thompson Twins.
Hold me now, Ohhhh
warm my heart
Stay with me
let lovin' start
let lovin' start!

Twins that need to gain a pound or two! Have a doughnut ladies!

Different positions for feeding twins. And I thought feeding one child was difficult.

Creepy twins from the movie "Psycho"

Good golly I want to squish these twins! Ooooo I just love roly poly babies!

Congratulations Kristie!


  1. Yay!! I hope they are doing well. I love the Thompson Twins! Thanks for the cute post. I'm sorry about your experience. No matter what, you have who you're supposed to have!!

    Cody was a huge help yesterday!

  2. Congrats to Kristie! I can't believe their growing brood (is that the right word?), it's pretty great.

    I'm so sorry about your twins, I had no idea. I know we are all grateful for the children that we do have, but it doesn't always heal the hurt of the kids that could have been. Hugs for you.

  3. Yeah! I'm sure they're adorable.

    Sorry about your experience, but good to see you have really good perspective! Your kids are so stinkin cute.

  4. I had no idea you were pregnant with twins! I am so sorry to hear about that, Jen! However, I can never get enough watching your cute little Connor!! He is such a cutie!
    Thanks for posting about Kristi too! How exciting! I bet she is glad to feel normal again, he he he!! :)

  5. I'm glad to hear everything went well with your friend. Tell her congratulations!

  6. Wow twins?? My neighbor has twins the same age as Jaimen, sometimes when things get a little tough I think of her...

    I absolutely love reading your posts! Your so funny, the two hefty motorcycle twins, the creepy twins from Psycho, and then you sing a song....love it!!

    So sorry about your experience, but I think everything happens to whom it happens to for a reason. We are all blessed with what God knew we could take.

  7. Congrats to the brave and amazing Kristie! Send our love Jen when you get to talk to her! You are an amazing Presidency! You both have busy callings and do amazingly at them!

  8. Wow, she is a trooper! My sister is also a mother of twins, a boy and a girl. Sometimes I think having twins would be fun...but then I see her handle it on a daily basis and I have NO idea how she does it! She's much stronger than me, that's for certain.

    Like your other friends mentioned, I'm sorry to hear about your pregnancy. That can't be a very easy thing to endure, but you seem to be so positive about the whole experience.

    Now I have Thompson Twins in my head...and just because I'm confused, are the scary twins from 'Psycho' or 'The Shining'?

  9. Jewels! You are right! I don't know what I was thinking!?!?!?! What's even more stupid is I had to look up the word "Psycho" to make sure I spelled it right. I'm a dork!

  10. I had no idea about you being pregnant with twins!!! Yes I really am the black sheep of the family. I'm so sorry to hear that. But Conner and Cody are adorable. I just love Conner's hair. Reminds me of Alex when he was a baby.

  11. OK so I have to comment, I feel so honored to be mentioned in a "Jen post". We are so happy with our new little additions. Come and see them anytime. I love to show them off to everyone that stops by (it's probably a bit annoying).
    And for the record you would be an awesome twin Mom, just as you are an awesome "one-at-a-time" Mom.
    see ya, Kristi


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