Friday, July 25, 2008

Flashback Friday - Parachute pants

Just in case you were wondering, yes, I am wearing my beloved parachute pants in this picture. It was the first day of school (6th grade) and me and the sibs were forced to have our pictures taken for posterity. Can you tell we were thrilled? Maybe it was the blinding, searing sunlight burning our retinas, as my mom was taking our picture, that put a damper on our moods. What I do remember about that day is that I thought I looked so hot in my parachute pants. (sigh) my parachute pants. They were black and had a total of 6 pockets (for my convenience) and 8 zippers! The heavy duty, nylon material would make a swishing noise and if a group of us, wearing parachute pants, walked together in a pack, it made up a harmonious orchestra of swishes, rustles, and whirs. I also remember how hot my magical pants would get in direct sunlight. I'm pretty sure they burst into flames, a time or two, and I would have to stop, drop, and roll.

Oh yes, I looked good. I knew that my parachute pants had a special power. The power to make all of the girls jealous and the boys were going to instantly fall head over heels for me. I'd have to beat them away with a stick!

Right after mom was done taking our pictures, me and the sibs ran down to the bus stop. The aisle of the bus was my cat walk. I strutted my stuff all the way to the back of the bus. I knew everyone watched me walk the "cat walk" and they all thought the same thing, "Jen looks so cool. I wish I looked as good she does." I was also positive that I would be the only girl in town to own such a pair of hip fashionable attire. Much to my dismay I was wrong. Everyone, boys included, were wearing parachute pants!

In the early 80's, parachute pants were everywhere! And everyone wore them. In fact, many of those people should've have never been allowed to purchase a pair of the nylon, zippered, heavy pocketed fashion statement, let alone wear a pair. I have a few examples.

Dun nuna na, na na, na na. You can't touch this! Break it down.

M.C . Hammer started a fad of the new and improved version of the parachute pants. It was difficult to walk with a full stride, due to the placement of the crotch.... a few inches above your knees. Heaven help anyone that had to run out of a burning building or from the law.

Wilma was thrilled to wear her new pair of gold M.C. Hammer pants to the party of the year. She bought them for main fact that they were so figure flattering.

Mitch was admired by all of the women at the bar, for his fashion sense. He was daring, in the fact, that he paired army green parachute pants and an orange life preserver vest together.

I'd bet my pinky toe, this guy from Flock of Seagulls, owned a pair of parachute pants. Nice hair dude.

Clifford tried with all of his might to zip up one of the many fashionable zippers on his parachute pants, but alas his bulging belly kept getting caught in the zipper. (I know, it aint right.)

This poor guy wishes he was wearing a pair of parachute pants. The nylon material is nearly un-destructible, unless exposed to direct sunlight or open flames.


  1. You crack me up! I love those pictures. I, too fell into the parachute pant extravaganza! Loved them! Long live the parachute pant...oh wait, that died a long time ago!

  2. You WERE looking rather rad in your parachute pants! I totally remember the sound of them. They were sooo cool. In fact, Shane still wore a pair of them (just around the house) when I met him in 1993! They were blue.

  3. LOL!!! TOO FUNNY! Yes, I too was part of that fad. My grandmother thought they were the ugliest things she ever saw. What a fun fashionable time we grew up in!!

  4. I'm really glad that fad didn't start until after I was out of it as I know I would have been one of the ones that should never wear those "figure enhancing" pants!!

  5. oh I loved my MC Hammer pants, except mine were black with neon colors, so you could see I was a coming!


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