Sunday, July 20, 2008


Yesterday I walked down my hallway and just happened to come upon a trail. A trail of navy blue yarn. So I decided to follow it.

Hmmm... I wonder where it will lead to?

This trail is treacherous. Tough terrain, and having to squeeze into small places. A little tough on a fluffy mommy.

A clue. A stuffed little lamb.

What could be in the kitchen?

This trail is long! But, I think we are getting closer.

Ah Ha!

And he's off! To make some more trails!


  1. Hey, at least it's not a trail of poop.

  2. LOL!! Oh my HECK! He is cutest thing ever! Love the post Jen! made me grin this morning :)

  3. Good way to know where he's been! I agree with could have been much worse!

  4. He's soo cute! It was alot of fun FINALLY meeting him over the 4th. He's such a sweet little guy! It ALMOST makes me want another one.

  5. What a fun trail. I love the cuteness at the end of it. Yarn IS way better than so many things that could have made up the trail.

  6. Hey Jen I am totally taking your idea of a babysitter with my next kid. Just tie some yarn on em',when your ready to find em' just follow. Just kidding, but that's a great idea huh? huh? huh? No?-
    unfit mother?-


  7. He is cute as a bug!!But at least he was fairly easy to find and not too hard to clean up after!! I was laughing all the way to work!!

  8. I am soo soo glad that you got pictures of this! You will laugh about them forever!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!


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