Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can't... Get'r Done

Since Conner has become mobile, I've noticed a few things. One of them being, I can't get anything done! I have wanted to organize my garage and storage rooms for months now! I also want to re-decorate my bedroom and Cody's room, and my poor bathroom has been neglected to the point where I will need a hazmat suit to clean it. And that bugs me to no end. I think about these un-accomplished goals and duties on a daily basis. I am obsessed. I must get these done!

I was trying to think of the reasons why I am slacking in these areas lately. A few years ago, I would just jump in and do it. Nothing stopped me. I would work day and night until the job was done. So what's my problem? Do I lack the motivation? Is it my age? Not enough sleep? No.... I had a baby. I knew having a baby 10 years after my first baby would be an adjustment. But Conner is a different baby than Cody. Oh don't get me wrong! Cody was an active toddler! But Conner... oh Conner! Conner was a dream newborn, but being mobile has unleashed the beast within!

When my husband comes home from work now, I practically launch my child at him. Hut one! Hut two! Hike! And there goes Conner, flying in the air into daddy's arms. Goal!

My husband works very hard and I'm sure he would love to come home to a hot cooked meal. Not happening. I'm sure he would love to spend a nice evening, relaxing and watching his favorite t.v. show. Also not happening.
Even though he is kind to not point out my lacking abilities in these certain areas, lately, I feel like I must explain why I can't get a d*@!# thing done. So I decided to follow Conner all day and document our journey.

To start off our journey, I enter Conner's room to retrieve him from his cage, I mean crib. I know this is the time to hurry and change his diaper and put his outfit on, because he is still a little groggy from the night's sleep. For a couple of months now, Conner becomes the Tasmanian Devil when we try to change his diaper or clothe him. He twists his limber little body and tries to escape. My older son Cody did the same thing. Conner has started much earlier and is much quicker. When Cody was little I had to resort to putting my leg on top of Cody to make him stay in place, so that he would not spread poop around the house or leap to his death. I have tried everything to make Conner stay in place. Toys, noises, distractions, pacifier, even re-enforcements (daddy and Cody). I wonder, what did I ever do to deserve this torture. (imagine me shaking my fists up at the heavens) What have I done! What! Why must I endure this torture!

This morning I let Conner play with my camera's lens cap. It works for a few seconds. (notice that he is half undressed) After my wrestling match, I mean changing Conner, I rest. I need it. Then I feed him. It's all good. Then I release the beast to "play". I have no clothes to wear, I put a load in the washer.
All of the sudden I hear a crash. This is what I find...
Conner playing with my bra and he's pulled a picture off of the table. I put things back and notice something in his mouth.

"What's in your mouth? Conner, show me what's in your mouth? Let's see. What's in your mouth?" I squeeze his cheeks and retrieve a piece of lint.

I separate the wash. He follows me and tries to eat some tissue that my husband has left on the floor. I refuse to pick it up, because I did not leave it there and I'm too stubborn. I'm hoping that my husband will, magically, pick up the tissue. I'm positive this will never happen. I still don't pick up the tissue. Too late, Conner swallows the tissue.

I load up the kids in the car and make a quick run to the bank. Cody is going to the toy store with his friend and his friend's mother. There goes my re-enforcement.
Cody watches Conner while I weed some of the flower garden. What am I going to do when school starts and my wing man is at school?

Conner is getting ticked at his toy. It's not doing what he wants it to do. I help him get it un-stuck.

Two seconds later... he does it again.

I switch the wash. Conner wants to help.

Conner goes into Cody's room and finds a Heeley wheel. Get the wheel out of your mouth, baby!

I finish sorting the laundry.
Then I hear whining. Conner is trying to pull a basket of toys down, from the window seat in his room. I place the basket on the floor.
I switch the wash. Conner follows.
Conner's pooped. Oh no.

I feed Conner, after I wrestled him to change his diaper, and he fights and squirms when I try to wash his face and hands.

Imagine me leaping in the air!

Unload dishwasher
Eat lunch
Clean hallway bathroom
Switch laundry, and fold
Make my bed and clean bedroom
Read blogs
Lay down for 30 minutes (this is a rare occasion)
Conner wakes up and I change his diaper. (Another match with the Tasmanian Devil)
Wind up the toilet paper, again.

He likes to eat toilet paper.

Catch Conner wrestling his stuffed pig. Oh my heck my baby is too flippin cute and I have to take his picture.

Start to clean my bathroom. It's scary.

Go to check on Conner and he's pooped, again. Oh no! It's squishing out the bottom. Ewwwww! Nasty!
Try to change his diaper. While he's doing his best imitation of a Tasmanian Devil, he actually becomes messier than when we started. He's also managed to grab some poop. He needs a bath.


Bath Conner
Put Conner in car seat and pick up Cody from friends house.

I get ready to go to a jewelery party.

Steve comes home and I toss over the baby.

After the party I go home and help Steve get the kids ready for bed. We wrestle Conner together.

Steve and Cody clean the hamster (rodent) cage.
We build a fence to prevent Conner hurting the hamster, while hamster rolls around in his ball.

I make Conner a bottle. Steve gets to feed him and put him to bed. Ha ha!

I run to Walmart. Endure another form of torture.

Unload groceries

Switch wash, fold more laundry.
Pick up the tissue that my husband left on our closet floor. Yes, I caved.

Blog while everyone is asleep

Sleep. zzzzzzzzz
So there you have it. Proof that most of my day is spent picking up after a baby, wrestling him, preventing harm and damage to himself and various household items. However there is one thing that I left out. I spend a good chunk of my day lovin', cuddling, and playing with my kids. The dishes can wait.


  1. Hey, at least he isn't screaming in those pictures!!!! He is so cute though. When I watched him the other day, I thought, wow you can't do anything because you don't know what he is doing!

  2. He is dang cute! I hear that tissue and TP are fibrous and that's healthy, right? I've left so many "other people's things" on the floor over the years, too. No one cleans it up. There's a granola bar wrapper that's been in between my couch and a wall. It's been there a really, really long time. I feel you pain, Jen!

  3. I also feel YOUR pain!

  4. I loooove the pig-wrestling pictures! I REFUSE to pick up used tissues too. My stomach literally lurches at the sight of them. You have every reason in the world to not have stuff ready for dinner...you're BUSY!

  5. He is so stinkin' cute! I agree, dishes can wait while quality time is spent with precious little ones!

  6. How could someone that cute get into that much trouble! LOL!! He is such a cutie Jen. Love all the fun pics and the story of your days.

  7. He is dang cute!!!It would be very hard not to want to play all day with him!! Also I think he's eating TP to kill two birds with one stone. Maybe he feels it will be self cleaning poop!! LOL I still remember the good ole days!! The problem is I had a daughter and the messes still don't go away. Brock however is learning quickly he does his own laundry for the most part!!kudos to him! I don't know where he learned his maturity certainly not from anyone in my house!! Maybe the girlfriend????

  8. his fluffy hair reminds me of Larry!! LOL

  9. He is soo cute! It's crazy how our lives revolve around them. At least your's takes a bottle and daddy can put him to bed.

  10. Conner is so cute and Puffy, although his legs are rather skinny... cute naked bum too! I love little naked bum's running through the house. Although Jaimen stops and pushes real hard till he either pee's or farts, so we have to limit the naked running time.

    What a busy girl!

  11. I feel your pain. I'm experiencing the same problem right now where I can't get a dang thing done. And when I do have a second, I just want to sit down or something.

    Just last night I had a fit about how I'm so sick of doing EVERYTHING all the time and it shouldn't be my job to clean all the rooms in the ENTIRE house.

    Just another reason my google reader is up to 200. Ugh.

  12. You mean one day we will get to do what we want again? Is that what you're telling me? Because I need to believe that! I love my kids and I know this time will only last for so long so I want to enjoy it but I also do look forward to the day that I may once again have a clean house...maybe! Love the post Jen!

  13. Fortunately some day the kids grow up and leave the nest...unfortunately they leave behind the biggest kid...Scott!!!!


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