Thursday, July 17, 2008

4th of July Parade and Flashback Friday - sorta

Was the 4th of July really two weeks ago? What the? Where has the time gone? Well I have been a little busy. I got the same cold that Conner had over the 4th and I had to plan the most hot diggity dog, of all diggity dogs (huh?) Home Enrichment Nights. Last night the ladies in our ward enjoyed a scrumptious meal of Dutch Oven barbecue ribs, lemon garlic chicken, to die for chocolate pudding cake, and peach cobbler. The ladies also stepped up to the plate and provided some yummy vittles. Salads and HOMEMADE bread! Yummmmmmm-oooooooo! Thanks a bunch, Miles duo. I bow down to your Dutch Oven talents! We also heard some wonderful family history stories and after our little program was done, a pretty lady in the ward came up to me, Sis. Shaw, and showed me a very old thimble that was brought over the plains from one of her pioneer ancestors, that came to Utah with the Willie Handcart Co. Gotta love those ancestors.

So anyhoo.... my calender is now open and I feel like a load has been lifted off of my shoulders. Phew!

I just realized that tomorrow is Friday, and I have not thought of a flashback. I've been a little distracted. So just think of this post as a flashback. These events did happen two weeks ago. Sorry friends.

I know I've taken forever to post about the 4th of July, but I promise to not disappoint. I also know I have called my little hometown the "white trash capital" here and there, but to tell you the truth.... it's a pretty little town and a great place to raise a family. My mom is horrified that I call it the "white trash capital", once in a while, but certain events seem to bring out these species. Parades, high school sporting events, rodeos, fairs, festivals, mountain men rendezvous, etc.

This little image made my heart swell with pride! Pride for my little home town and for our lovely country. It makes me want to break out in song.... And I'm proud to be an American! Well at least I know I'm free!

This seemed to be the fashion statement of this year, sported by some fellas roaming the parade.

Here's a "character". He thought he was clever wearing his faux beaver top hat. Dork!

There are 4 major components that make up my town's parade. 1. Little old men driving old vehicles 2. horses 3. Indians (Native Americans) 4. Beer

This "float" was handing out little flags!

Here's my niece, Nya, running to get a flag for her and her brother. Run Nya!

Here's a stately Native American duo. I bet this lovely lady is from either the Comesrunningbuck family or the Antelope family. Or maybe she is related to the Runstooclosetolodge family. These are actual last names. I went to school with some of the Antelopes.

Beautiful headdress on this little guy.

This little girl was so cute!

You wanna be in our little parade? If you have a riding lawn mower and something to tow, you're in!

Little old man in an old car. This little old man is John. As long as I can remember, you can find John walking up and down main street. He visits a different church every Sunday, including mine, and everyone knows him. He is mentally disabled, but one of the sweetest guys out there.

The local VW

Every year, at this time, our little town celebrates with the Pioneer Days rodeo and we crown a young lady to be the Pioneer Rodeo queen. All hale the queen, the runner-ups and their horses!

Here's my nephew, Corbin. We tried to get him to smile with all of our might, but he was having none of that. He's proud to be an American, also.

You can always count on some folks dressing up in old fashioned western ware.

Watch out! This Indian warrior will scalp ya if you cross the wrong path with him.

Here's my high school's band. Well, the drum section. I guess the rest of them didn't show up. Dun, dun, dun, chica, dun! (that was my impression of a drum solo)

More horses. Clydesdale's.

Clydesdale leftovers

Blaaaaaa! Who let those things in here? I didn't know the Girls Gone Wild float was here?

Look at my kiddo's expression after the above "two items" passed us. That's right, Cody. They are evil.

More horses.

Holla Natives! This is a Christian Youth group and they had Christian rock blasting from speakers and they were gettin' down! Bust a move Natives!

What's all of that commotion? Oh, it's the beer float. Yup, it's true. As along as I can remember, the beer float has been the hit of our parade. They hand out free beer to the adults. Parents use to send their kids to fetch their beer, but that was outlawed a few years back. I have never seen them card anyone. Nothing says white trash capital more than this spectacle. "Plumber guy's" expression was priceless when he first witnessed this event, thirteen years ago.

Told ya it was popular. The beer float use to have a saloon re-enactment. Can-can dancers and the whole bit. They would always have a poker game going on at the same time. Such dorks.

The 4th of July also means High school Reunion time. Alot of LVHS alum move to another state and during this time of the year, everyone tends to come home. There is always a float carrying drunk LVHS alum. This year was my younger brother, Shane's, 10 year. We tried to talk him into getting onto the float, but he was having none of that. But once the float approached, I ordered Shane to stand by the float so that I can blog him. Sucker!

And then this happened.... my little bro totally caved! Can you see the back of his white tee, on the drunkard 10 year reunion float? Oh yeah, a fellow classmate saw him and then they all started to chant, "Parry! Parry! Parry!" Me and the sibs will forever torture him for caving in.

Here's an Elvis impersonator, leading a horse. Notice the dork standing next to Elvis, holding the red cup. You can see a sea of these red cups at our parade, and you can be rest assured they are filled with the beverage of choice.... beer.

Welp, this ends our tour of my home town's or "white trash capital's" 4th of July parade. It's an experience that I suggest everyone should partake of! We will be making our yearly pilgrimage to my home next year and all of you are welcome to join us. Just let me know a few days in advance so that I can warn my mom and she can start to worry and freak out.


  1. The enrichment dinner was to die for! You did an awesome job. Thanks for all your hard work, woman.

    On to the parade...
    just looking at your parade pics makes me dread the upcoming 24th of July parade I go to every year with John's family. Ugh. The heat, the bodies, the manure.

    And speaking of manure, that picture you captured really doesn't do it justice. ICK!

  2. FUN, FUN, FUN!! What a cozy little parade! (Some more cozy than others I see, LOL!!)

    The other night was FAB, Jen!! I just wish those stinkin' headaches wouldn't have joined me that night. Yummy food! I got that taco salad recipe from Sis Hayes :)

  3. Great post! I love your hometown parade the best. The beer float is awesome. Not that beer is awesome. It's not! The idea of a beer float is awesome. I love the Indian family names! Seriously, they are for real??

  4. Parade looks great. At our parade they need a beer float. Maybe then someone would show up! We too have some great Indian names here for example: Comes At Night,(as oppossed to Comes in the Day) Rides at the Door, Running Crane, Spotted Bear, Many White Horses, Makes Cold Weather. Those are just some of the good ones.

  5. Dutch Oven cooking what a bomb! I love it. It's quick and easy and tastes out of this world. Randy is an expert at this too!

  6. Your parade is the coolest I've SEEN! And let me tell you, I've seen my share of parade frivolity - this one takes the cake. Um, that delicious Dutch Oven night you had? Why oh WHY am I not in your ward!?!? I'm seriously thinking of transferring. Do you need a RS pianist?

    PS - Would so LOVE for you to come see one of my shows! Chalk full of talent? Me? Well it's true, I can't deny it. I kid, I kid! Let me know if you can make it sometime and I'll put your name on the list (yep, I'm cool like that).

  7. Oh wow where do I begin?? Be it that ladies inappropriate swimming attire (while not at the swimming pool), or the mens underware sticking out farther than womens? Wait I forgot the manure, good ol manure. But my favorite... the beer float. That has got to be the funniest thing I have ever witnessed, or not witnessed at a parade. My husband's father would be in heaven!! Well I think my husband would too, but he might be to embarassed to actually walk out and follow the beer float like a follower. So funny!!

  8. I should have come to your enrichment dinner. Sounds delicious! The pics of the parade were great! And the funny part is that you didn't have to find them on the internet - they are really that funny all on their own! (Not to knock your internet finds at ALL!)


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