Thursday, July 3, 2008

I did this!

I've been at it again. I'm making magnets out of clay for the elementary school's teachers and staff for the fall. The theme for this school year is "Put your best foot forward". I'm having fun making these. Just 75 more to go! Do you have any ideas of what kind of other shoes I can make?


  1. Okay, Jen. Feel priveleged since you're the only one who's gotten a comment from me in ages. I know. It's an honor, isn't it? Just kidding...

    I am dying that you made those magnets. I really want one or two of them. I love the bare foot one.

    And I thought of a shoe. Crocs! That would make a cute magnet

    And I love your stories about Steve and you. You're such a good writer.

    Please write on my blog. I'm sort of on a break.

  2. Oh, and just to clarify. When I say, 'please write on my blog', I mean that I want someone else besides me to do it for a while and comment on everyone elses so I don't have guilt.

  3. I love them all! You are too talented. I want to be you.

    Ideas - What about sandals for girls??? Tevas?

  4. Holly,

    I do feel very priveleged that you have taken the time from your extremely busy schedule to comment on my measly blog. I feel special.

    I love the crocs idea!

    Take a break! Everyone will understand! I think it's been one of those months for everyone!

  5. how about wrestling shoes, flip flops and football cleats. Can you tell what my priorities are!! hey how about water socks??? you are awesome. I just love the ballet slippers!! what about soccer cleats??/

  6. What about hiking boots? I love the ballet shoes, even though I would never want to wear them. Did you have a pair of flip flops? You are so talented!

  7. Look closely my sister in laws! There is a flip flop, a hiking boot, and cleats! Sheesh!


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