Thursday, July 3, 2008

And Then He Kissed Me! Part 8

Ring, ring.

"Hello, mom?"

"Oh hi. Now what day are you planning on coming up here?" my mom asked.

"On the second," I answered.

"Now, did you remember you have to pick up Cami and bring her home?" she asked.

My mom is a worrier and she tends to worry over the smallest details that I am more than capable of remembering.

"Yeah I remember. We are going to leave after I'm done with work. Probably around 5:00."

"You'll have to be careful, since you'll be driving in the dark," she stated.

"I know. Um..... I'm also bringing a friend home for the fourth," I hesitated to tell her.


"His name is Steve. He's that guy I've been dating for about a month now. Remember I told you about the guy that I went on a couple of dates and they were weird dates?" I said as I tried to jog her memory. "We've been on quite a few more dates."

"Oh yeah I remember. You've been on a few more dates with him? Okay. Well, where will he sleep? What kind of food does he like? Have you told him about us? Does he know that you are also bringing Cami home to her family? What's he like?" my mom asked as she berated me with questions.

"He can just sleep in Angela's room or something. He's a real nice guy. He served a mission in South Korea (I earned some brownie points right there with that little tid bit of info) and he's going to school right now. He's not that tall and usually wears contacts. He just started his own business and he works for someone in his ward. Oh yeah, he works out alot. He use to compete in body building."

"Body building! Do his muscles bulge out of his clothes?"

"Nooooooo! He's not that extreme!"

"Do you think he will be offended if I make dessert for everyone?" My mom does actually worry about details such as this.

"Mom! He'll most likely eat it whatever you make." I replied.

"Lane! (my dad) Lane!" my mom yelled to my dad in the back ground. "Jennifer is bringing a boyfriend home for the fourth."

"A boyfriend? A ho ho ho ho!" he chuckled. "Is he LDS?"

"He is! And he served a mission to South Korea! She's not leaving until after she's done with work so she'll be getting here late. You'll have to stay up for her and her boyfriend when they get here. We need to figure out where he can sleep," my mom said to my dad as she carried on a separate conversation with him. She tends to do this often while you are on the phone with her.

"You know you are not sleeping in the same room with him Jennifer!" my mom said.

"Mom! Yup mom we are going to shack up in Angela's twin bed." I said sarcastically.

"I just had to be sure." she said all knowingly.

"Well I better go. I'll call you right before we leave, okay?"

"Okay. We'll talk to you later. Bye"


The next day I called "plumber guy" and told him that I told my parents that he was coming home with me.

"Is that okay with them?" he asked.

"Yeah they don't mind. My mom wants to swap "healthy" recipes with you and she wants to ask you about different exercises you do."

"Plumber guy" just smiled and said, "sure, no problem."

The big day was just one day away. My nervous anticipation had turned into excitement. I was going to spend a whole weekend with the man of my dreams. I knew my parents would love him. Especially since he served a mission and was LDS. There was a time, a few years back, when they were worried that I wouldn't find someone, that they knew would be perfect for me.

"Plumber guy" was different from any other guy that I had dated. All of my life I knew I wanted to end up with someone just like "plumber guy". I knew I wanted to get married in the temple and I wanted to marry someone who had a strong testimony of the gospel and that served a mission. For a few years I became side tracked and dated the "wrong" kind of guys. I knew that if "plumber guy" and I kept going strong, I would have to tell him about my past. I also knew that this could throw a wrench in our relationship.

The day had come and I rushed home to my new, independent, one bedroom with vaulted ceilings, apartment and quickly packed. I had made a list the night before and had planned all of my outfits for the weekend. This would also be the first time we would be going to church together and I wanted to look especially good. So, I packed my black, form fitting dress. I looked good in that dress and I knew he would like it.

Cami, a girl that I grew up with from my home town, arrived.

"You look good!" she said.

"Oh? Well, thanks," I said.

"No really, you look good!" she exclaimed. "Are you in love?" she asked.

"What?!?!?!?" I was shocked. This was the first time that anyone had approached me about this. It was strange to have someone acknowledge that fact. That, yes, I was in love.

"Um, yeah. I guess I am in love. In fact he's coming home with us." I told her.

After making a quick trip to Albertson's to pick up some necessary munchies for the trip, I went to "plumber guy's" home to pick him up.

He opened the door and my heart jumped into my throat. "He's soooo hot!" I thought to myself. "I can't believe he's coming home with me."

We were off! As I was driving, "plumber guy" put my hand in his and placed it in the center console between our seats. I loved holding his hand! They were hard working hands with callouses and scars. His hands had character.

Five hours had passed and I managed to get lost only once in the Wyoming barren wilderness and "plumber guy" managed to get a nap in, during the long drive. It was midnight when drove into town. It was quiet and dark, yet calm. I drove up ninth street, then turned left on Fremont.

"There's my house." I told "plumber guy". "The one on the top of the hill."

I drove up the gravel hill and parked. The sky was dark and filled with a million stars. A slight breeze was blowing and the crickets were chirping. "Plumber guy" leaned against my car and pulled me towards him. He kissed me softly. (Sigh)

"Well, are you ready for this?" I asked him.

"Oh yeah, it'll be fun," he said.

We grabbed our bags and walked up the back stairs. I opened the door and there was my dad waiting at the kitchen table for us, while he watched t.v..

"Hi dad. This is Steve."

"Well hello there Steve. It's nice to have you come visit," he said as he shook Steve's hand.

My dad then showed us our rooms. Steve was to sleep on the sleeper sofa downstairs and I was suppose to sleep in Angela's room. I showed him the bed, kissed him good night, and collapsed onto my sister's bed.

My dad opened my bedroom door and said, "goodnight. Steve seems like a real nice guy."

"Yeah, he is. Goodnight."

My dad then went to bed and woke my mom up. "He's the one!" he told my mom.

"What?" she said sleepily.

"He's the one! I know it!"

My dad then went to bed with a smile on his face.

Stay tuned for part 9 and the upcoming drama. Happy 4th of July!


  1. Oooh. I love it! i'm looking forward to the 4th and the weekend!!

  2. I love that your dad knew that Steve was "the one"! That is soo cute!

  3. Anonymous4:34 PM

    This is my favorite installement yet! Can't wait to hear more.

    Kristi (I forgot to sign in and it never works from another site.)

  4. how appropriate that you are posting this on the 4th of July weekend.... can't wait for #9. I can't believe I've never heard this story!!!


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