Thursday, July 10, 2008


Tagged again! I feel so popular. I like this tag, because it let's you get to know me a little better. The "real" me. The "disturbing" me. Oooooo.

10 years ago....Hmmm 10 years ago I was 25 and getting ready for Cody's first birthday in August. We had also just come home from our yearly trip to Wyoming for the 4th of July!

5 years ago...Cody was going to start Kindergarten in the fall and we had been living in our house that we built for almost 2 years.

5 months ago...February. Cody was in school, and Conner was 5 months old and NOT MOBILE! Those were the days. I was most likely planning the next Home Enrichment Night and various activities.

List of 5 things that I need to do tomorrow...

  1. clean everything

  2. mail bills/and scrapbook pages for Beck Reunion

  3. make calls pertaining to RS Roundup Home Enrichment Night (next Wed. sisters!)

  4. blog, read blogs, comment on blogs, post on blog

  5. work on various projects (quilt, thank-yous, Home Enrichment activity decorations, I know I've forgotten something...)

5 bad habits...

  1. my husband just told me I have a potty mouth. Gosh hubbin! Thanks! (I at least don't say the real bad words)

  2. OCD (I eat, drink, and think current projects or activities that I'm working on. I can't rest if my house is not clean or semi organized.)

  3. I hate wearing a bra. There. I said it. If anyone has ever caught me not wearing a bra, my sincerest apologies. It's hard to find something that lifts and separates my girls! Especially when your cup runneth over. I have been cursed because of my training bra experience.

  4. Dr. Pepper

  5. I usually go to bed around 1:00 a.m. (I'm trying to work on this one)

5 places I have lived...

  1. Lander, Wyoming

  2. Rexburg, Idaho

  3. Layton, Utah

  4. Roy, Utah

  5. West Haven, Utah

5 things people don't know about me...

  1. I'm the oldest of 6 kids

  2. I use to run long distance in track. I know, shocking. It was a long, long, long time ago.

  3. I despise the heat.

  4. My husband has never seen me in a swim suit (even during the skinny years)

  5. I am very sensitive to smells. (hate the following smells: live Christmas trees - I had morning sickness with my first pregnancy during Christmas and I could've sworn that our Christmas tree smelled rotten. We ended up taking it down.; mayonnaise or Miracle Whip- blucky, gag, ick; pickles - ditto, onion or fish breath - breath mints people; mustard- or should I say....musturd!)

So there you go. Now you know that I'm kinda weird. But aren't we all?

I tag the following: Wendy C., Kate, Jenny, Lynsie, Jewels


  1. Wow! So much blackmail fodder. Loved learning more about you!

  2. Fun fun fun! I love this tag thing! Good stuff to know for future reference.

  3. My first TAG!!!! what to say what to say!!hmmmmmmm


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