Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Road trip!

Last Thursday we made our yearly pilgrimage to my home town in Wyoming to partake of the wondrous Fourth of July happenings. We have made this pilgrimage every year for the last 13 years, except for one, when I was 8 months pregnant with Cody and incapable of even shaving my legs. I was a hairy, swollen, beached whale. I was a scary sight. (shudders) We come back every year for a few reasons.... 1. my family 2. this is one of the places that helped solidify me and "plumber guy's" love for one another 3. the best 4th of July happenings, ever!

Come along, friends as we travel the vast land of Wyoming, where the deer and buffalo roam... and many other creatures, such as antelope and jack rabbits.

To start our adventure off, I had taken Conner to the doctor the day before we left. He had an ear infection and continuous nose explosions, happening simultaneously through out the day. But we weren't going to let a little misery and sickness stop us! Oh no! We drugged the baby with some Motrin and anti-biotics, threw some clothes in some suit cases and stuffed the car with various baby items and toys to entertain the two boys.
Just as we were about to leave, I reminded Steve that he needed to bring his rifle for the Revolutionary War re-enactment. (Oh yeah, 4th of July festivities are big in my home town, people!) I was busy packing baby food and bottles, when I heard..... tumble, tumble, tumble, Whaaaaaaaa! Steve left the gate to stairs open, and down went Conner. My poor baby! His blanky and paci made it all better. It's all good. Steve said, "Forget the rifle! We are out of here!" I said, "We better have a prayer right now, before anything else happens."

We're off! Finally.

Here is a windmill farm near Evanston, Wyoming. It's on the other side of Evantson.... past the fireworks stores. Just in case my Utahn readers were wondering. Way to go Evanston on conserving energy!

Here is some scenery to observe for your pleasure. This particular scene is near the town of Green River, Wyoming.

Oooo tunnels! One of the high lights of our 5 hour trip!

Here is a gas station in Rock Springs, Wyoming that my husband always giggles at, because of the name. It's a well known fact, that the Lewis brains dwell in the gutter. Adolescent.

Sage brush. Lots and lots of sage brush. Are we there yet?

To kill time, we play silly games on the road. Such as "I Spy" or "Road Kill Thrill". Smears count as 1 point, smears with tufts of fur or feathers count as 5 points, and full carcasses count as 10 points! 20 points, if they are bloated. We are a sick, sick family. Hey, there's a 10 pointer!

This very, old, little church is located in Eden Vally, Wyoming. Population 2. Well, actually 100 something. There are no street lights, no stores, but there is a bar! This little church is still running strong with services being held every Sunday!

Here is a very old abandoned house, also in Eden Valley. I often wonder when these old houses were built and who once lived in them. Were they pioneers? Did they ever have to defend their land from Indians? Why did they choose to live here? I would love to explore this house!

You see them mountains? Beautiful, aren't they? Makes me want to break out in a song... The hills are alive, with the sound of music! La, la, la, la! (sorry) Anyway, thar lies our destination. My little home town in Wyomin'! I tend to revert back to an odd accent when I talk about Wyomin' or when I'm home. At least I don't call Hooper, Hupper. It's Hooper people! OOOOO as in poop or loop. Sheesh!

We are gettin close! It's a very well known fact that in Wyoming history, trappers and mountain men would trap beaver in our lakes and streams. The poor little beaver pelts would then be made into dorky, tall hats for men. Can you see the beaver dam? Can you see the beaver family, swimming towards their home? Cool, huh?

Your typical mountain man.

Your typical beaver. How could anyone hurt these little fellas?

Picture of some dorky beaver hats.

We're getting very close! Our little valley is made up of mountains, prairie land, red rock, and desert. It's a beautiful valley!

Red Canyon. It's awe inspiring! It's located about 15 miles outside of town.

We're here! Home. (sigh)


  1. I hope poor Conner doesn't suffer permanent damage. If babies did, we'd all be in trouble! I love the road kill game. I guarantee my kids will totally enjoy it next time we're on the road. Looks like lots of memories and good times! Glad you had fun!

  2. What fun! Every time I see that windmill farm I think that some rich foreigner put it up there and is selling the energy to California...but that's strictly a hunch. Anyway - it makes me CRAZY that people call Hooper Hupper. ARGH! Speak english people! We've never played the road kill game...that will be fun, gross, but fun considering I'm out-numbered with guys in my family too. Glad you had a safe trip!

  3. How Fun!! I love all the pictures you posted. I feel like I went there without leaving my air conditioned house :)

  4. I myself have only experienced good ol Evanston WY, and their over priced fireworks stands. Although our fireworks here are far more overpriced than theirs mainly because all of our fireworks are complete duds, that do nothing but scream.
    Anyways, that looks like a fun little town you grew up in, and you seem to know alot about it, unlike me and good ol O-Town (ogden)
    BTW loved your "He Kissed Me Part9) I can completely relate to the ex-boyfriend scene...

  5. loved the journey home!! and yes the Lewis minds are often in the gutter. I do apologize but we come from a long line of gutter dusters!! LOL


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