Monday, June 23, 2008

Tagged! I'm it!

I've been tagged! I feel so special! An amazing friend, that I would love to actually meet in person someday, tagged me. I know she's amazing 'cause she has an awesome name..... Jenibelle.

Four things I am looking forward to in the coming year:

1. Organizing/cleaning storage rooms (I'm weird)

2. Me and Conner's 1st birthday together!

3. A new car! (hopefully)

4. Organizing fun/spiritual activities for RS Home Enrichment (I'm weird)

Three joys in life:
1. My family
2. Hanging out with my friends
3. Crafting ( sewing, scrap booking, decorating, clay ornaments, etc., etc.,)

Four movies I have watched more than once or twice:
1. You've Got Mail
2. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
3. Wizard of OZ
4. Steel Magnolias

Three fears:
1. Loss of a loved one
2. Heights
3. Not being able to provide for home and family, financially

Four favorite foods:
1. Ice cream (Goo Goo Cluster! I look like a Goo Goo Cluster)
2. Steak
3. A&W Cream Soda
4. Potatoes (french fries and baked)

Three goals I have set for myself:
1. Loose weight (isn't that every one's goal?)
2. Re-decorate my bedroom
3. Organize food storage/emergency kit

Four t.v. shows I watch:
1. First 48 Hours (I love the reality murder mystery shows. I'm weird)
2. John and Kate Plus 8
3. Deadliest Catch
4. Baby Story (I love a happy cry!)

Three current obsessions:
1. Planning Home Enrichment Activity for July (RS Round Up! Ye Haw!)
2. Blogs
3. Organizing everything!

Four places I have visited:
1. Washington DC
2. Wyoming
3. Arizona
4. Walmart (in several states!)

Three places I'd like to visit:
1. Italy
2. Alaska
3. Hawaii

Four random facts about me:
1. I've been chased by a moose and a bear
2. I' m a picky eater
3. I'm an organization freak, but not as bad as my younger brother Brian. (he's weird too)
4. my nick name is Martha (aka Martha Stewart. Minus the prison sentence)

I tag the following 3 people:
1. Maran (wife to my weirdo brother, Brian)
2. Kate (sis-in-law and wife of hubbin's brother)
3. Jenny (sis-in-law and hubbin's sister)


  1. I am SO addicted to Deadliest Catch! Man, what a great show. And crime dramas? Forget about it, I love them, too. I loved reading this!

  2. I like that I'm not the only one who's seen steel magnolias more than twice. I love that show, Joey thinks I'm a weirdo and that its lame.

  3. Blasphemy Joey! Steel Magnolias is funny, yet dramatic, yet a tear jerker. It makes my heart dance!

  4. Steel Magnolias is one of the greatest movies ever made, who doesn't love to laugh through tears?
    When you are done organizing your stuff, can you make a trip out here? I am not weird like that, I am a closet slob. (clean house, slobby closet)

  5. Steel Magnolias gives me hives!! I can't stand the diabetic portrayal...makes me itch!

    You said "organize" 5 times! Will you please come to my house? I promise to not say anything mean about your movie!

  6. When Jaimen was still a little baby, I would watch A Baby Story for a happy cry. Sometimes I would look at the preview to see if it was C-Section, and record it if so. (thats how Jaimen came out)
    I'm weird too, I already asked my dr if we can have a nurse record my next c-section. I want to see...the miracle.

    And... Sad... I have never seen Steel Magnolias

  7. So Fun learning about you, Jen!! I am BIG (Not to be confused with my size, LOL) Fan of potatoes too :)
    You were chased by a bear? How scary!
    And you can come organize my house any weekday you are bored :)

  8. Lynsie! I have a little assignment for you. Go to your local video rental place, or just borrow Steel Magnolias from some one! This movie is funny, touching, and I must warn you... have a box of tissues near by, it's a tear jerker. Sniff, sniff.

  9. So fun to hear these things about you. Sorry it's been so long since I've commented!

  10. I would invite you to come and organize my house, but since I live with Brian, it's done. In fact, he re-alphabetized the DVDs while he was home this weekend. Sad, but true. I love Steel Magnolias, but it doesn't make me cry. It's just not Cast Away. Anyway,this "tag" thing is fun!!!

  11. Brian IS a wierdo.

    C'mon Maran! You didn't tear up just a tad, or have a lip quiver when Sally is at her daughter's grave and she screams in agony, "I want to know whyyyyyy?!?!?!? I just want to hit something!"? Ug! It gets me everytime.

  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one who watches weird shows...I love Deadliest Catch & Sig and the Northwestern! And I never knew anyone else that was chased by a moose, most people I know have never seen one in person in the wild! Too funny the "little secrets" you have in common with people!

  13. Melanie! I was just thinking of you! Are you hanging in there?
    Maybe baby Konner will come tonight? Is there a full moon? Do you have a trampoline? Soon my friend, soon.

    Sig is cool! I visit and teach someone who actually knows Sig and the guys!

  14. love Deadliest catch!!Steel Magnolias is the best movie ever!! just so you know!! But I feel deprived I didn't get tagged!!!!:(

  15. my favorite sayings from steel magnolias:
    what's the matter Anell do you have a reindeer up your butt? i love ya more than my luggage!! when she pushes wheezewr off the bench. everybody wants to take a whack at wheezer! so many more i can't even remember!! great flick though!! Remeber when the dad is shooting birds out of the magnolia trees...priceless..


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