Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mini Vacation

Hi friends! Well we are off to a nice weekend of rest and relaxation, and shopping, in Park City. It's been one of those weeks and finding time to actually post something has been nearly impossible.

We will be coming home tomorrow evening, hopefully with bags full of goodies, and with smiles on our faces. Because I have procrastinated, tomorrow's Flashback Friday will be posted later tomorrow, other than sometime in the morning. I know.... I'm a dork. But let me tell ya, it's a good one! You will not be disappointed! Here's a little taste of what's to come!
Georgette will be eagerly waiting your visit tomorrow!


  1. "Georgette" LOL!! You are funny girl!!
    Have a great time on your little vacation! I LOVE Park City!!

  2. Hope you had fun shopping! It's so nice to get away - anywhere! Can't wait to hear all about Georgette!

  3. hope you have a great time!! We got to go to Hamilton this weekend for swim team, just me Scott and Kassy!!! Fun for us.. It's a blast just to get away from everyday monotony!!!


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