Monday, June 16, 2008

Nit wit freaky pet owners

This "nit wit" segment is brought to you by my Mom (Brenda).

Now having a "nit wit" encounter will most likely happen more often here in the "big city" some where in Utah, than in my home town of "white trash city" Wyoming. Due to the population of "white trash city" being out numbered by cows and antelope than actual humans.

There is nothing that bugs my Mom more than when people treat their pets like their children, or even worse, better than their children.

During an average week, we call each other about 3 times a week. And you can be rest assured that a freaky pet owner story will creep into the conversation at least once.

Now there is nothing wrong with loving your pets. I admire people who take care of their pets and love them. It's when they make out with them... that's where I draw the line! It aint right people!

So today's post is dedicated to you, Mom.

Earlier my Mom was at this local store from my home town in the exotic state of Wyoming. I use to work at this store the summer after I graduated from the infamous, LVHS. I nick named it Pam and Ida's. I tend to do that. Give people, items, places, etc. nick names. If you haven't noticed from my past posts. A trip to Pam and Ida's usually guarantees an encounter with a quack job, or two. My Mom was fortunate enough to have done this, today. Thus, I benefit the rewards of writing about it on my blog.

While my Mom was shopping in this lovely establishment, she witnessed an atrocious (how's that for my vocab. knowledge?) sight. An unsightly woman, large in stature, wearing shorts that were highly inappropriate, standing in the check out line with her grandson. My Mom claimed that she was so ugly, she needed to be slapped! Mom! Well I never!

Well anyhoo, "Gladys" was not only ugly on the outside, she was ugly on the inside. "Gladys" did not care who witnessed her horrible actions, as she yelled at the top of her lungs at her grandson, "You're driving me crazy! No, I'm not going to buy you that! Blah, blah, blah, blah!"

My Mom was disgusted, needless to say. It was when "Gladys" turned around that sent my Mom over the edge! "Gladys" was wearing one of these...

A baby sling.

With one of these, nestled inside.

"Gladys" continued to ridicule her grandson in front of the Pam and Ida patrons, then would switch personalities and talk baby talk to her precious "baby". "Mommy loves you! Ohhhh mommy loves you sooooo much!" Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss. (With tongue, no less)

Here are some more examples of some other nit wit freaky pet owners.

You know that everyone has one of these in their community. That crazy cat lady that has hoarded boxes of kitty litter and Friskies cat food, over the last 20 years.

Arrrrrrr matey! Lola has substituted poor "Ralph" to take place of a boyfriend. I'm sure "Ralph" was impressed with the dreads and braided goatee. (Lola was channeling Johnny Depp from "Pirates of the Caribbean") Nice ribbon tassels, Lola.

Ohhhhhhh! Now Fiona has taken the cake on her way to crazy town! "Fluffy" retaliated against her "nit wit" owner, right after this competition. "Fluffy" is now seeking therapy. As should her owner.


  1. That is just so sad! On so many levels! I especially don't understand a person speaking to a child like that! I'm with your mom on slapping her. But not just for the ugly. I'm sure the kid's mom treats him the same way...usually g'mas treat the kiddos better than the parents. Sad!

  2. Yup! What Jennie said. Some people....tisk tisk!

  3. Its nice to know there are people out there worse than me when it comes to babying their pets. Mine have their own chairs on the porch and that's about as babyish as it gets. That woman in the store deserved to have her little "baby" bite her tongue off and spit it in her face for talking to her grandkid that way.

  4. Love what Melanie said. Hilarious! I totally agree

  5. Ooooooh! That is just sad about the woman at the store. Rediculous!!!! She should be arrested.

    And poor fluffy-turtle dog!

  6. I feel bad for the poor dog being french kissed by his master. In a baby sling, no less.

    Have you seen those baby dog strollers? For serious. It's horrible.

    Hey, I think Dr. Phil is doing a special tomorrow or the next day about a lady that french kisses her dog. You should tell your mom to watch it.


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