Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day Happenings and some mooshy stuff

I know I'm a little late on posting the festive happenings of Father's Day. I'm busy people! I have two turdlets to chase after, a house to clean and manage, a yard to weed and care for, bills to pay, shopping to do, meetings to attend, nag my husband with various naggings, tend to my blog addiction, and let's not even get me going on the various things that I need to get done for my calling with my church this week! You got a problem with that? If you do, I will just have to kick you in the shins!

Steve's family always has a meat fest, I mean, a barbecue on Father's day. Everyone consumes large amounts of yummy grilled steaks (sides of beef), hamburgers, and hot dogs, salads, beverages, and deserts. We then sing all hail to the Father's in our lives, rub their sore feet as they watch Tiger Woods play golf, call them "honey", and wait on them hand and foot.
My dear hubbin of lovin puffs out his chest and announces loudly and obnoxiously, "It's my day!" (It annoys all who are in hearing distance)

Oh my baby Conner! This was the first time Conner sat on grass. As you can see from the look on his face, he was not amused. He especially didn't like the grass touching his left leg.

This veiny, musclely arm belongs to the Father of my children. If the hubbin gets out of line, I just threaten to cut the circulation off to one of his veins. He is a phlebotomist's dream!

This is my pa-in-law and Conner. I love this picture! It's soooo sweet. I actually took this picture at Easter, but I don't care. My pa-in-law is great! He helped Steve wire our basement, and let's face it, it would've been scary if the Hubbin had to do it by himself, and he loves his grandchildren! I couldn't ask for a better pa-in-law!

See this silly little punk jumpin on the tramp? This is my nephew, Ty. He once did a drive by boogering on Conner when he was just a wee baby. I think he had practiced it before, because he was quick. In on swift move, he picked, wiped, then walked away. But I have to tell you, I love this little punk! He cracks me up! He's a rootin tootin load of energy and laughs! I'm sure his Mom agrees!

All hail to the grill master! Check out the hubbin as his veiny, musclely arm teaches our sides of beef, I mean steaks, a lesson or two.

Here's that silly little punk, again! Every time he sees Conner, he likes to pet his fluffy head and wrap him up in HIS very own special blanky. See why I love this kid?

Awwwww! Makes my heart a flutter. Two of the three of my favorite guys.

And where was my "third" guy, you ask? He was busy doing ten year old things with his cousins and refused to stand still long enough for me take his pic. So here is a picture to substitute. The booger butt.

This is actually a picture of Cody at a math and science competition. He's a math whiz. Something that he did not inherit from his mother. He's a cute kid huh?
As always, Father's day was a blast and a nice friendly reminder of just how great all of the dads, in our lives, are. I love them and appreciate everything that do!


  1. What a fun fathers day! Love that picture of Connor sittin' on the grass! Hey Connor, I know how you feel little guy, I don't like the feel of grass either, it just tickles too much! Fun pics, Jen!!

  2. Fun Day! I love the pictures. The muscely arm is nice too.

    As for the concerns about the'd be on top of where near the tongue or the other end (so much). And Alaska is hot smelly body! Something to think about.

  3. I really miss the family get togethers!! Here in the coldest spot in the nation we had to wait patiently for the king of the castle to return home from the prison!!! And then he was late so needless to say his perfect steak turned into shoe leather!! or what am I talking about it was still a perfect steak to the king... He likes them without any pink at all and basically near the consistency of leather so I guess it worked out okay!! Love all the special men in my life. It's amazing to watch my snot nosed little brothers grow into wonderful fathers that they are!! Love you too dad. You are a wonderful father!!

  4. Jake hated grass at first too! That pic is too cute! These kids and their run-by boogering! Jacob just wiped his face on my arm today and cracked up laughing as he said "I wiped my boogers on your arm!!!!"

    That is awesome that you have a meat-fest for Father's day. And you even rub their feet!!! What a wife you are!!! I bow down to you.


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