Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nit Wits

I've decided to start a new segment on my blog. It's called "Nit Wits". It will be dedicated to those who have wronged me, someone that is related to me, or someone that I know. This segment may occur once a week, once a month or once every 6 months. It just depends on how well the Nit Wits perform out there.
Beware Nit Wits!
If you dare try, to wrong me, or my fam damily.... Bam! Blogged!

My definition of a "Nit Wit" is someone that has performed poorly at their job, thus causing me much strife. Or someone that lacks the ability to drive like a responsible human being. Or someone who doesn't have the decency to act respectful in front of my children or to my children. Or someone who is not qualified to have a job that requires them to work in public, or for that matter, with the public.

I shall Christen my "Nit Wit" segment by telling you what happened to my husband the other day.

He decided to go to this dining establishment for lunch.

He wanted to order some of this... to nourish (as much as a pop, fries, and burger can) and replenish his hard working body.

Some pimply punk putz, that looked something like this... took my husband's order. He specified that tomatoes and onions should NOT be included with his order.

The putz repeated the order back to husband, much to his satisfaction. It's always comforting when the fast food order taker people repeat your order back to you.

My husband drove up to the window, paid, and then retrieved the much anticipated meal.

He started to drive home and decided to check his meal for any wrong doings. Sadly, we have encountered many of these mishaps with our meals , due to our unique and specific food preferences. (We're picky) To his dismay, tomatoes and onions WERE included.

He turned around, parked his truck, and walked in to the dining establishment.

"Um yeah, I ordered this with NO tomatoes and onions."

"Sorry about that sir. We'll make you a new one."

My husband then witnessed the order taker person tell one of the cooking people that the gentlemen requested NO tomatoes and onions.

The order taker person then handed my husband the "new" and "improved" meal. All was good. My husband felt that there was no reason to check his meal for any wrong doings again.

Once my husband was home, he unwrapped his meal and there it was... TOMATOES and ONIONS!

Hello! Do you-a speak-a any-a English? Do you not understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

Nit Wits.
Have any of you encountered a "Nit Wit" recently?


  1. lol! all the time. especially from places like that. its soooooo frustrating. it makes you want to throw something at them. maybe a book on how to learn english.:)

  2. So funny! I mean, not funny, but, you know, funny! Yesterday we were sitting to rest on a long busy walk and a grandma stopped with her 2 little grandkids and said, "I should have taken those shoes off you, D*****T!" So I told my kids we don't sit next to dirty mouthed grandmas and we left. So sad!

  3. Sadly, Yes. I am not sure I will ever go to Maverick again.
    We were getting gas (about a month ago when it was cheaper) The lady inside kept telling the person next to us (who happened to be an old lady) that she needed to come in pay with cash. They kept repeating themselves over and over again. Shane goes in to pay and the employees in there are laughing and making fun of this person who can't figure out how to use the pump. When Shane heard this, He just totally fumed and you don't want to be at the recieving end when he P.O.'ed, He said, "Well, if you actually decided to get off your butt's and go out there and help the person, you would see that it's an Old lady who can barely walk in here!!" That would make me mad too.
    Yeah, That pretty much put them in there place.

  4. P.S. Shane was going come out to help the lady, But the "Rude" Employee, High tailed her fanny out there to do her job ;)

  5. I think for me my favorite has been when people ask me, "are you pregnant?" Uh no, I just like to walk around with a basketball shoved up my shirt and waddle like a penguin for the heck of it! Funny thing is that it happens at least on a weekly basis, it might happen more if I could leave my house more often.

  6. Nit wit is a nice way of saying it. I say...uuuhhhHHH...IDIOTS! (a la Napoleon Dynamite) That is so frustrating to get the wrong food - TWICE! I like your all-encompassing definition. I run into them all the time. I recently asked a bookstore person for a book in a series...she showed me a book and I said "but it doesn't look like the others in the series, with the actual series name on the front" and she said "oh, it's a previous print before the series became more popular" I said...but it's not on the list of the series on the inside of the new books. "She said...that's because it was written before this one was printed." I said "okay" and purchased the book. I read that book...it was a good book...but it was NOT part of the series. Argh.

  7. I am going to like this new segment. My latest encounter with a nit wit was on Monday. Taggert was having one of his fast heart rate episodes so I had to rush him to the ER in St. George. I put my flashers on and was going about 90mph in the fast lane. This "@#%^$%" pulled right out in front of me for no apparent reason. I could have killed him as I was giving him the evil eye as I flew by him in the slow lane. Yeah, I'm going to like this segment!

  8. I must apologize for my potty mouth. I try not to swear around old people and kids but sometimes I just can't help myself... I do work in a prison after all...Getting felt up every day prior to beginning work doesn't exactly put you in the proper attitude....at least for work... Have you ever watched Carlos dee di dee!!! They always screw you through the drive through. It's much easier to walk in but obviously for you even that doesn't work for you.. sorry about your luck!!!


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