Friday, May 2, 2008

Flashback Friday... LVHS Yearbook part deux

One year later and apparently the Heat Was On in 1989. My hair was bigger and much, much blonder. (due to Aunt Janet getting carried away with frosting my hair) The yearbook committee must have been confused, because the school colors were black, green, and silver. Dorks.

Frosting in the 80's was the equivalent of highlighting your hair now. By this time the average time for a girl to get ready was 2 hours. Did I not have anything better to do with my time? Apparently that extra hour made all of the difference.

Ohhhh...hahahahaha! Jim you "crack" me up. You were the first one to write in my "crack"! Sadly this is the same Jim that can't spell and became my boyfriend my junior year. It must have been his clever writing and spelling skills that won me over. Gag.

In response to the message just above the "crack".... yes Kelli, I did stay sweet, I wasn't able to "never" change (due to having babies.... things expanded and headed south), I did have fun, and I believe I have had good luck in everything that I've done.

Earl and Tex made quite the fashion statement by donning on their 10 gallon cowboy hats.

The school seemed to have problems with certain male students spontaneously urinating in the hall ways.

This clever fellow is my best friend's brother. To this day, I don't think he knows that I had an accident on his bedroom floor, due to the funny antics of his sister.
Me + laughter + my weak bladder = disaster. I blame Christal.

Last years preferred spot to get one's senior pic was by the only tree in town. This year was a patch of grass.

Loretta yearned to be in the famed 70's band The Captain and Tennille. (If you need your memory jogged, they sang the hit songs: Muskrat Love, Do That Thing To Me One More Time, and Love Will Keep Us Together) Alas, she was not accepted due to the fact that The Captain and Tennille wanted to remain a duo.

Click on The Captain and Tennille's hit songs on the side bar on the left to enhance your experience of this post!

Many in this class seemed to have problems holding their heads up. Thus, implementing their fists to be posted under their chins.

She is too cool for school.

Shortly after this treacherous gang's picture was taken, members of the FHA gang were taken into custody for bludgeoning members of the FFA gang with their rolling pins.

These two lookers are cousins. I kissed both of them. Not at the same time, or the same day.... but with in the school year. I like to keep things in the family.

This young lady was Miss Rodeo America in 1993 or sometime around then. She's the one on the top row, 'ncase you were confused.

LVHS couldn't afford to buy guitars for the band... so the students had to resort to strumming chickens.

Anita refused to follow the directions of the photographer and go with the norm. She was not a sheep! She will not pose looking to the left! She was a rebel.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for next weeks Flashback Friday! I will be diving into Volume 3 of the LVHS yearbook.


  1. Soo Fun! I LOVE your higher hair-do...hehehe. Nice touch adding the The Captain and Tennille pic and link. You are too cute! Can't wait to see next weeks edition!

  2. Spectacular! You don't dissapoint. This is the year I graduated, by the way. Oh, 1989. What a time. I love your hair...totally awesome, dude!

  3. Way to draw me in with your fabulous 'Flashback Friday' post. Seriously, I need to take lessons because you're the new blog queen!!!

    Your hair... it's killer, Jen. Killer.


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