Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Synopsis

If my family were to make me breakfast in bed for Mother's Day... maybe it would've looked like this.

What's with the pokey yellow flower? I'd prefer daisies.

If I had received a necklace with precious stones... it would've looked like this.

A bit much? I don't know... I think this would be stunning on me at church.

If I would've been surprised by my family with a beautiful flower arrangement... it may have looked like this.

Instead, the cute little pansies that were passed out at church, will have to due. Maybe this time I will actually plant them.

If Cody would've made me a cute crafty gift/card etc.... maybe it would've looked like this.

Oh thank you Cody. It's a freaky frog thingy...I think.

My mud room closet would look like this...a closet that would make Martha proud.

Color coordinated and everything! It's the little things that make my day.

Alas, Mother's Day wasn't quite like the instructions that I wrote to my family in the letter that I posted the other day. Breakfast didn't happen... at all. But the hubbin of lovin did bath Conner, all by him self! It was a miracle of all miracles.

The hubbin did step up the the plate and did this...

He is the grill master. I bow down to him.

He grilled this...

He tried to liquor me up with the red wine, but I didn't think it was appropriate to be drunk in front of the kiddies. The steak was to die for! Now I have to work out longer today...crap.

Afterwards he did wash some dishes...well how many dishes do you have to wash when you are grilling?

Apparently once your children are in 4th grade, the teachers at our school think that the kids should be able to create Mother's Day crafts all on their own. Silly teachers. I got bupkis.

I didn't get to unwrap any gifts. Sniff, sniff. The hubbin did promise me that he would put the shelves in the closet... someday. And he said he would clean the garage! And the best gift of all... he said I can boss him around and tell him how I want the garage to look like!

Organization pleases me very much.

To tell you the truth, I've never had a "dream" Mother's Day. If it did happen... my family was most likely not responsible for it. This Mother's Day was perfect in my eyes.


  1. SOunds like a good mom day. When you think about it, you just can't and don't get away from what you do best...being a mom and wife. Glad it was a good day!

  2. Dido what Jennie said! And the bathing thing, NICE.

  3. I had to force John to make me something for lunch. Ya wanna know what he made? Raspberry mini muffins and a pound of bacon. If only we would have had some eggs. Then I might have gotten french toast... if we hadn't been out of bread too. Sigh. Maybe next year. I'm sure John will get the King's treatment on Father's Day. Isn't that just the way it always goes???

  4. Crack me up!! A girl can dream, Right? ;) LOL! It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I finally got my cabinets in my Mud room about a month ago! They were a Christmas gift that was sitting in the Garage for that long.

  5. The necklace looks fabulous! I'll take one of those too! That's nice that he grilled and did some dishes though. Sorry to hear that the organization fairy didn't visit your house either.

  6. That was a sweet post. But I ought to let you in on a secret that my Mother in law takes charge of. She has 5 boys you know. Every mother's day she calls and asks how her sons did. If it wasn't good enough she tells them the next Sunday is their do-over day and they'd better pay up! She says she's always made the kids who skipped out on her do a do-over! Of course I know you were happy with your day and your husband was sweet but maybe Cody better get in on the do-over!

  7. my hubby did do the laundry on mother's day if only to play the PS3 and not be bugged by me while doing it. Whatever works. They did however take me to lunch and dinner the day before and shopping for groceries in the big city of Great Falls. It's only 123 miles from home so not too bad!! We did have fun though!!


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