Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fourth Grader Run Around

The time was 9:00 p.m., last night. I look in Cody's homework folder and notice that the "swap meet" is tomorrow (today) at 10:30 a.m.

Me: Cody what's this "swap meet" thing?

Cody: Oh ya, tomorrow we are having a swap meet and I want to sell root beer floats.

Me: What! Why didn't your teacher send a note? Do you have to have a sign? How much money are you suppose to spend? Why didn't your teacher send a note? Did the other kids get notes sent home? Call Jace, see if he got a note? Why wouldn't the teachers send a note! They've always sent a note at least a week before! What's up with these teachers! No M-Day gift, no note! Why didn't your teacher send a note?

Cody: I d'know.

Me: Cody! How long have you known about this?

Cody: A week.

Me: What!

Cody: But I didn't know when the "swap meet" was going to happen.

Me: Great! (not a happy great, but a complainy, irritated great)

I was too tired to go to the store. Heck, let's face it.... I didn't want to put my bra back on. I'll do it in the morning.
This was the plan: Wake up at 7:00 a.m., make a sign for Cody's "store", get Cody ready for school, take Cody to school at 8:15, I get ready, feed Conner, get Conner ready, go to the store and by ice cream and root beer, go home and paint toe nails, read a magazine, eat bon bons, read blogs, take a nap, go on a walk with Conner.... Okay, maybe not so much.
What actually happened: Woke up at 7:45 a.m. (I'm not a morning person), yelled at Cody to get up, hurried and signed necessary papers for Cody's school, yelled at Cody to get up, gathered necessary tools/papers/paints/glues etc. for sign, yelled at Cody to get up, started to make the sign, yelled (again) for Cody to get up, worked on sign some more, yanked Cody out of bed, yelled at him to hurry, brushed his hair, looked for his shoes (again), threw a granola bar to him, brushed his teeth, grabbed Conner out of crib, rush to school at 8:22, come home and fed Conner, got Conner ready, worked on sign some more, got side tracked and read some blogs, finished sign, held grumpy Conner a little, I showered and got ready, gathered necessary items for Cody's "store" (cups, spoons, paper towels, ice cream scoop), go to store at 10:15 and bought ice cream and root beer, put Conner in car seat and found a WASP crawling on his face (ahhhhh!), grabbed Conner and wasp plopped on to his car seat, opened all car doors and waited for wasp to fly away, wasp flew away, off we went, broke the speed limit to get to school, yelled at stupid slow drivers (dorks) for going soooo slow, got to the school at 10:40, unloaded the car of necessary items (and the kitchen sink) and loaded them on to Conner's stroller, signed in at the front office, ran to Ms. J's class, helped Cody set up, sold 30 root beer floats. Cody's "store"was a success. (BECAUSE OF ME!)

Didn't the sign turn out cute? Yes, that is a real straw in the picture of the root beer float. Clever huh? The rude 4th graders could have cared less. Story of my life... I go way over board.

Here's the man him self. I'm pretty sure he took all of the credit for all of the hard work that HE put into his "store".


  1. I'm not at all surprised that it looks fantastic. You win in the crafty, make-everything-look-cute department. Seriously.

    Then there's me. My kid's in kindergarten and I forget now and then when it's early day and getting him there on time. And show and tell. And homework packets.

    Did I mention that he's only in kindergarten? Oy.

  2. Cute sign! What a happy, well-adjusted boy you have there! Will you still be around when my kid's in 4th grade? I can hardly handle 2nd!

  3. You're such a good mom! Glad my kid isn't even in preschool yet.:)

  4. Wait til he is in Jr. High and you have 2 or three of them to do at the same time. It seems like I am the only mom who will do anything, take kids anywhere etc....but I wouldn't change it for the world!!!

  5. Ummm, Hello?!! Another clueless mom here! Was this for ALL 4th graders? Cause if it was.... Ummm, yeah. I didn't even hear a peep about it (I am such a dork!!). Instead, I ran off on a field trip with Sarah to Cold trout farm.
    Cute Poster, BTW!! :)

  6. Oh yes, it was for all of the 4th graders! The teachers have left us parents high and dry. Do they actually think our kids will be responsible enough to notify us of important school events!

  7. Crap! Thanks Jen! The story of our fourth grade experience. These ummmmm, 4th grade teachers have no idea the frustrations that have caused with me this year. The school has called me twice this year, because apparently I didn't see a note about an early out day!! You would think that I just really didn't care (Which is totally not true)
    Only 1 more week!! We can Hang in there Jen!!

  8. Isn't that the way it goes!?! The sign is adorable, as is expected of you. Great job getting it all there on time! When I wake up late and actually have to do something that day it throws me WAY off schedule. SCARY about the wasp!

  9. too cute!! Just for a little FYI it doesn't get any better. I have one in jr high, high school and college and I still know nothing!!!!! Alex is finally out for the summer but Brock and Kassy have 2 more weeks ugh!!then it's off to summer school for Brock(driver's ed) and swim team for Kass. Burnt lobster for me being the ever supportive parent frying in the sun with my 75 spf sunscreen!!!


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