Friday, May 9, 2008

Mother's Day Expectations

Dear Family,

This is a letter to inform each of you of what is to be expected on the most important of all days. The day that we celebrate the wonderfulness, the magnanimous, and sacred of all days..... Mother's Day (cue in heavenly angels singing). I have assigned the following instructions to each member in our household (excluding moi):

Steve (the hubbin of loven), you will serve me at my every will and call. Chop, chop! You will be in charge of rustling the boys out of bed, feeding them breakfast, and dressing them for church. I expect breakfast in bed, of course. Since we are on a time crunch, a bowl of Total will do, with a glass of oj and a piece of toast. You will be the main childcare giver through out the duration of church. You will be sure Cody is being reverent and listening to all speakers/teachers and gaining a testimony. You will be taking Conner with you to YM's, so that I can actually hear the RS lesson in it's entirety.

Once we are home, you and Cody will whip up a yummy dinner of my choice. I'm still undecided as to what this will be. I will give you the menu in time for you to prepare. After the dinner is done, I will not have to wash one dish, one pot, one child's messy face, kitchen floor, or speck of dust. This rule applies for the entire day. After everything is clean... bring on the gift giving! You will surprise me with a gift of flowers and maybe a necklace with some precious stones. (or the shelves in the mud room closet that I asked for will do) You will hug and kiss me and tell me how much I have sacrificed for the family and how much you appreciate me. I will remind you about the pain I endured when I was pregnant and when I gave birth to your children. You will be forever humbled by my strength. The kids will be fed at the right time and will be put down to bed at the appropriate time. I know this is not easy to do, I will be there to cheer you on the whole day.

Cody, there will be no whining, no complaining, no arguing. You will obey your father and be pleasant for your mother, who gave you life and was in labor for 15 hours with you. When I want to give you a hug and kiss, you will not crinkle your nose, run away, roll your eyes or wipe off the kiss. You must clean up after your self and allow me to watch what ever tv show I wish to watch. No Cartoons! You will shower me with home made, cute crafts, poems, and coupons booklets (I have yet to ever see these work). They will make my heart go pitter patter and bring me to tears. I will then save them for all time and eternity.

Conner, you will remain cute and cuddle with me at various times through out the day. You will allow Daddy to change all of your diapers, especially the stinky ones. You will also giggle when I talk funny to you, tickle you and give you kisses on your belly. You will also refrain from pulling my hair out and pinching my double chin when I hold you.

Boys, you have 1 more day to prepare for this joyous event. I expect no less. I'll be waiting anxiously for Mother's Day to arrive!

Love always,

Mom (Wifey)

p.s. Steve thank you so much for being a wonderful, supportive husband and father. I'm so blessed to be married to you for all time and eternity.

You are the hardest working person I know and you always make time to spend with Cody and Conner. I love you.

Cody and Conner, words cannot say how much I love being your mommy. It brings tears to my eyes. Cody you are so smart and your talents amaze me every day. You are the best big brother anyone could have. You are such a big help and I love to watch you love your baby brother.

Conner, we waited many years for you and have been blessed beyond our dreams to have you in our family. I can't wait until you wake up every day with your sweet smile and laugh. I wish so many times that time could just stand still at this very moment, because my family has made me so happy.

I'm so thankful to be a mother and even more... Cody and Conner's mother.


  1. OH! Your post-letter to your boys was so sweet! I love the first part. That IS what is expected of them, bygolly!

  2. Awwww!! Now THAT was a sweet mommy post if I ever saw one!! You are so clever, Jen!! Happy Mothers day to you my friend!!

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you!! God's truly special angels have given us the opportunity to be mothers. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be blessed with such amazing and special children. I thank the Lord daily for my three little miracles! And especially for the man in my life that made them possible! Life is GOOD!!

  4. I can't wait to hear how this works for you!!! Good luck. I know with those Lewis boys, you will just be showered with present. You'll have to blink a few times to make sure it's all real!!!!

  5. Love the letter! Happy Mother's day.

  6. I have just come home from church early because our ward sucks! The primary kids sang a song for grandmas and then they gave all the mother's a Joseph Smith booklet as our mother's day gift. I don't need any more reminders that my children love grandma more than me.
    So, I truly hope your mother's day is going great because you really are an AWESOME mother. Your boys are lucky to have you, and Steve is lucky that you love him enough to put up with him(: Happy Mother's day!!!!

  7. Dang!! Why didn't I think of that. Spell out the expectations, no mind reading required. Genius, sheer genius. Be sure to post a picture of the necklace (or shelves)!

  8. Seriously the best mother's day post ever. How about I just cut and paste the whole thing and then I don't have to done anymore?

    You're amazing Jen. Your fam. is lucky to have you.

  9. Oh Jen you're the best! I loved the first half because you made me laugh and I loved the last half because you made me smile!

  10. So how did the boys do in meeting their demands? Happy Mom Day!


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