Thursday, May 22, 2008

I did this!

I'm often asked to help a friend, neighbor or a stranger with a project. I'm always happy to help for many reasons... a) I get to visit with my friend, neighbor, or stranger b) I have no life and these kind of things get me excited c) The project is not MY project (Why is it harder to complete your own projects?) d) Sometimes I get to create girly things... I live with 3 boys and they have cooties

So this is what I did today. It's a girl's camp flag for my friend's ward. Their theme is Angels Among Us. She turned out cute, huh? Each girl will be putting their name on a set of angel wings and will be placing them on the flag. Awwwwww!

Sooooo... since I seem to always be working on something, I figured I will share it with everyone. So if anyone ever needs me to help them with a project, just let me know... Because I'm bored, and I have no life, and my family is bugging me, and I need to do something else besides clean the house, and I need to get rid of some supplies that I hoard, but not as much as that lady on Oprah, and my supplies are semi-organized, and I'm going on and on.


  1. That is so dang cute!! I would love to have you do a project for me. I just don't know what...WAIT!!! Ruthie's room. I need to re-do her room. I just ain't sure where to start. Maybe we should talk....

  2. I've actually seriously been considering asking you this for a week or so. And now since you gave me this great opportunity, here goes:

    Will you help me re-cover my window seat? It's in need of desperate help. And it doesn't match the rest of my house (no offense, Kim!!! :)).

    I have no sewing skills. I can't even sew on a button. I realize this is a big ask. That's why I'm leaving it as a comment so you can think of a really good excuse not to help me.

    You are so talented. You've already helped me once and you're very selfless to share your gift!!!

  3. That is so CUTE!! You are so crafty, Jen! If I give you some scrappy lessons, Could you give me some crafty lessons in return?

  4. Way cute Jen. You're just so talented. I could show you what I've been up to, but that would be a picture of a remote and my chair!

  5. You are too talented. Thanks for sharing it with others. I remember you made the invites for Jacob's baby shower and they were adorable too. You're awesone!

    Holly - The reason that window seat never got finished was because I never knew what to do with it either! NO offense taken at all!!


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