Friday, May 16, 2008

Flashback Friday - LVHS the final chapter

My senior year! Wahoooo! Seniors rule man!
I felt like I was at the top of my game.

The geniuses on the year book committee thought of this brilliant theme for our year book.... Down but not out. Why would we be down? Or, was everyone a little down, but just not quite out? (ya know what I'm thinking, "Dorks!")

I was 17 years old and had finally perfected applying eyeliner to my eyes and had my routine down for my morning ritual of curling EVERY single hair on my head and spraying a bullet proof coat of hair spray. If I would have known that there were lasers blasting behind me I would have stopped the photo shoot immediately!

After the unfortunate "lightning" incident, Veronica's family had to get rid of the garage door opener and their microwave. Every time some one would run the appliances she would wet her self.

These three were considered the "best" dj's in town. Of course they were the only dj's in town. They were quite resourceful with their equipment, however. Lance converted an old record player, from his home, to go "scratchy, scratchy".

The foreign exchange student's this year were exceptionally NICE. Oh yah, they were nice.

The boys on the wrestling team were confused as to why Mr. Richards would spontaneously wrestle them to the ground, even when practice was over. And, he was the debate coach, not the wrestling coach, the debate coach.... A few years down the road Mr. Richards and his "partner" made the pilgrimage to Massachusetts to become a certified married couple. Not that there is any thing wrong with that.

Sandy was so impressed with her hair dressing skills, that she decided to share her "technique" with some of her close friends.

A chocolate bar of your choice to anyone who can guess what is behind this young man's head. A large bird perched on his shoulder? A head dress of some sort?

Due to budget cuts, the varsity football team had to share uniforms with the freshman team.

The coach of the cross country ski team thought that the stream lined uniforms would improve the skiers performances. Instead, they were deemed inappropriate and immoral.

Weeeeee! The ROTC broke ranks and decided to celebrate.

Henry, who was the famed LVHS Tiger mascot, all of the sudden came down with a case of Dysentery. The doctors came to a conclusion that he caught the disfiguring disease from the 30 year old tiger costume. Who knows what other mysterious fungi dwell with in the fibers of that costume.

All feared Gretchen as she would approach them in the hall ways. She was not an approachable kinda girl.

Gretchen was so feared, even the teaching staff would high tail it in the other direction for fear that she would break their noses. As she had done to this male teacher, who made the mistake of asking her to not drink her pop in the library. (true story)

He's the boogie woogie bugle boy of company B. A-toot, a-toot, a-toot-diddelyada-toot.

I just threw up a little in my mouth. Me and this "serious" boyfriend were voted as the cutest couple of 1991 LVHS student body. I believe the "cutest" part was on my behalf.

A local hair dresser assured these students that she had given them each a "unique" hair style, that no one else had. Mack's self esteem was shattered when he saw at least two other's donning the SAME hair do.

Well another year, another flashback. Next week I will be featuring some winner dance pictures and some "dates" that I turned down, sadly.


  1. Oh my goodness! Is that really a boy? I love all the hair shots! I wonder what they all look like now...

  2. I've been waiting all day for this, Jen. The best part is the 'a toot, a toot, a tootdelidada toot' part. Good. VERY GOOD.

    Ya know what I'm gonna do? Link this on my blog because EVERYONE needs to see this.

  3. I often wonder that myself Jennie. I will be heading back to "White trash capital" for the fourth of July. I shall report.

    Thanks Holly! Now everyone can experience the wonderfulness of LVHS!

  4. Okay, someone just pointed out to me that Dysentery is not disfiguring. It can be disfiguring to the bowels though, if you know what I mean.

  5. Okay, Mr. Richards sounds creepy. Sandy's hair-do made it all the way to Texas! Make sure to tell her that she was VERY stylin next time you go to a reunion. Poor Poor Mascot guy! Thanks for sharing your high school days with us. You were cute then too.

  6. I came over from Hollyween's blog. I LOVE the bullet proof hair. Those bangs are awesome. The early nineties rocked. Thanks for the laugh!

  7. Hysterical. The bangs pictures are priceless!!!

  8. Ya know you can never quite doing this. You'll just have to find more stuff! It's hilarious. I love reading this stuff.

  9. You seriously crack me up, Jen!! Love those bang pictures, I tried to copy that hair-do, but my hair just didn't want to cooperate, LOL!!
    Such a fun post!


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