Friday, April 25, 2008

Flashback Friday

Nothing pleases me more than looking at old pictures and laughing at them. So I thought it would be fun to have "Flashback Fridays". I recently read some one's blog and they had this idea on their blog, so I decided to thieve the idea. I can't remember who's blog it was and yes.... I was lurking (you know you do it too). So if they happen to come upon my blog, I hope they consider this as a compliment.

I've started to clean and organize my storage rooms and came upon the old high school year books. I have material oozing from each volume. I come from the small town of Lander, Wy., which is the "white trash capital". It is the home of the "beer wagon" in the annual 4th of July parade and "dragging" main street. It's a phenomenon one needs to witness. Enjoy.

The year is 1988. Lander Valley High School. Go Tigers!
I was fifteen, a freshman, and thought the turquoise and pink eyeshadow was happening. You will notice the signature of "Jim" . It's obvious he wasn't the best speller.... Have a good live, Love Jim. I'm sorry to say, he became one of my boyfriends two years later.

Hot identical twins. Wished I kissed either one of them.

Large, tinted glasses were the preferred choice of eye wear.

There seemed to be only one tree in town that the seniors could pose by for their senior pictures.

Only in the "White trash capital" could you have a picture of a fellow class-mate aiming a gun at you.

Only in the "White trash capital" could you have a picture of "drunk" fellow class-mates in the year book. The one on the left wanted to kiss me, wished I kissed the one on the right. (the beverage on hand is not water nor sprite)

Funniest looking teacher. He later became the mayor of "White trash capital" . (no joke)

Lots of natives attending LVHS. This is a picture of the annual "PowWow". Bet you never had an Indian PowWow at your high school?

Dan, Dan, my man. (he's on the bottom row, in the middle. It could be hard to tell with some of these pictures)

This fellow class-mate started his own business while in high school. Bet you can't guess what he sold in our school? Can you say "dooby"?

Largest student in our school at the time. 6 foot 5 inches, three hundred some pounds. Oh ya, I puked on his shoes the very first week of my freshmen year. He swore, I ran.

Lurch from the Adams Family. You rangggggg.

Yep, this is their senior picture. They couldn't be apart even in the year book. (they look so melancholy)

Female version of the mullet. Was once called the "bi-level" cut. Any way you call it, it's still a glorified mullet. Nice feather boa.

Uni-bombers cousin.

Utah's Governor's chief of staff. No kidding. Nice guy and he was in my ward.

Guy that I puked on from above. Imagine me in front of him, in the hallway by the home-ec. room, vomiting on his boots. Not a pretty picture.

Good Times.
Stay tuned for Volume 2!


  1. I LOVE this post! Great idea! I may have to steal it too. Isn't it funny, and somewhat embarassing to look back at our former "life"?! You are still cute like that though. I totally remember when people had mullets. THANKFULLY, I never did that to my hair but I had very good friends that did.

  2. I am just cracking up here with all your descriptions, especially about the tree!! What FUN!! I have to dig through mine too!! Love the pics Jen!

  3. those pictures are hilarious! i look forward to more. especially the duo senior picture. were they married? or just lame?

  4. Um, you're hilarious. And I haven't commented on anyone's blog lately, but I had to with this. It was so so so so FUNNY! Especially the puking part.

    Oh, you're the offical blog champion now, Jen.

  5. The duo senior picture is totally lame. They were engaged their entire senior year. I know they got married, but I'm not sure if it stuck.

    C'mon! What if they ended up divorced... hating each other's guts. The picture is going to be embedded (sp?) into their memories, let alone all of LVHS' student body. Dorks.

  6. Kim,

    Steal away, friend! I'd love to see some of those rockin pics that you have.

    Unfortunatelly, I DID rock the glorified mullet in 7th grade. Oh yes, I shall post the picture some time in the near future.

  7. I'm dying to see volume II!

  8. This is very funny, Jen. It brings back memories of high school. I just got back from the world of no cell towers and no internet access. This is fun to come home to! I can't wait to see more.

  9. What a fun, fun post!! Wish I had thought of it first, (pout) We didn't have anything nearly so exciting except pir "school song"
    "Beer beer for old Davis High...bring out the whiskey, bring out the rye, send those freshmen out for gin and don't let a sober senior in! We never stagger, we never fall, we sober up on wood alcohol,as those loyal spartans go marching back to the bar for more...more beer! More Beer!"
    Classy I know, sad part is that after 30 years I still remember it!

    (Thanks for the comment, but I'm not that wonderful...I am VERY human!!)


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