Monday, April 21, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

Can you guess what's wrong in these pictures?

Answer: Could it be the mess on Crap Island? Nooooo....

Answer: Could it be the combination of the highly, controversial, caffeinated, refreshment and Advil? Nooooooo....... A girl's got to get through the day somehow. I make my mom proud.

Answer: Could it be the ticked off baby? Nooooo....

Answer: I look ravishing even with no make-up or shower? Noooooo...
(note to self: remember this pose. You don't notice the double chin as much.)

Answer: The clock says 4:17. IN THE MORNING! Yes, this is what's wrong with this picture.
I must admit that we've been spoiled. Conner has slept through the night since he was 4 weeks old. However, this morning I was rudely awaken by the so-called perfect baby. He even woke up big brother, Cody. Strangely, the daddy never even twitched. Faker. Big brother Cody is also a good kid. One time Conner woke up in the wee hours of the night and Cody went into his room and rocked him back to sleep. The looser parents slept through the whole thing. But this time, no such luck. Cody is a quick learner and let mom put Conner back to sleep. (He would be a better kid if he took care of Conner again)


  1. Ha Ha Ha!! Where was Cody when I had to get up a 2am every morning?!! Oh Yeah, Where he belongs! In your house!! :) What a great kid you have.
    I love your photos! And a 4am shot, You look mighty fabulous! Don't ask how I look at 4am (Grumble Grumble). Love your sense of humor Jen!! You're AWESOME!! :)

  2. Your 4am shot is so priceless. You should have called me because I'm always awake at that time as of late. Except for on Sunday when I woke up soaked with milk because Faith actually slept through the night for like the 3rd time in her entire life. I didn't know what to do with myself.

    I'm happy that your counter is cluttered. I told John that I aspire to have cleanliness just like YOU.

  3. I love Crap Island, I love caffeinated refreshment (and Advil, for that matter), I am sorry about the ticked off baby, I don't think we are meant to look great at 4am (gotta give the beauty a rest some time!), and I love big brothers who are good helpers!

  4. Weren't we just talking about what a good sleeper he is? I'm sorry. I can so relate to this!

  5. 4am heck we're almost ready to get up for the day!!You look lovely at 4am better than I do at 8am or even 10am!!

  6. ARGH!!! That is early...we could have kept each other company...Jacob wakes up around 3-4 sometimes and thinks he needs apple juice, so I put a little in a cup of water and put him back to bed but then I'M the one up for another hour trying to go back to sleep. What a sweetie Cody is! Jacob didn't sleep through the night until he was exactly 5 months old. I love that you gave us a glimpse of what you look like at 4 in the morning, we all know that feeling and are just too mortified to have the courage to actually take a pic of ourselves (at least I am). Hope you get some sleep tonight!

  7. hahaha dat's funny!

  8. Ha! That is funny. It's funny because just about a week ago, Whitley started sleeping through the night. I don't know for how long. She did this once before for two weeks then went back to the 3AM feeding, then went to two feedings a night so we will see what happens. Oh, Tulpe Paul is a girl from my mission. I have no idea how she got your blog address or mine. She was speaking broken kosraean to me and I could hardly understand her-crazy girl.


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