Friday, March 14, 2008

future plumber

Baby got back!

Daddy needs a lesson on how to put on a diaper.


  1. Oh My GOODNESS!! LOL!! This totally cracks me up! *No pun intended*

  2. Okay, what is the deal with men and diapers? John's a lot better than he used to be so I have to give him credit, but seriously... it's never like MY job.

    They need more practice. Either that or they screw up on purpose to get out of it. Do you think Steve would do that?

  3. Oh my gosh!! I didn't know you had a blog until Crissy emailed me! Welcome. I just caught up on all your blogging and am waiting for more. I'm gonna link you on my blog.

    Oh, and I love the bum shots!!

  4. He has a cute little bum!!Steve needs more practice he must be out of touch. LOL


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