Friday, March 14, 2008


We have solved the drought problem! All we have to do is fly Conner over the fields, crops, gardens, etc. and let him rip! Conner started to drool when he was about 4 months old and he has not stopped! I keep checking his mouth to see if he's teething... nothing. He likes to give wet, open, mouth, kisses and then we have to mop off our faces. I usually have puddles on my shirt. He drools so much he has a constant rash under his chin and at the top of his chest. I'm sorry to say, but I think it runs in the family. Cody's sheets and pillow have white, crusty drool stains on them also. When Cody went to the dentist for the first time, his dentist told us he has very active saliva glands and they would have to keep changing the cotton in his mouth when they were doing x-rays. Of course, I'd like to think that they inherited this wonderful trait from their daddy. At least no one has ever mentioned it to me that I drool alot.

Isn't it funny what characteristics and traits we inherit from our family members. Cody and Conner have both received butt chins from their dad and then there is the drooling thing of course. Conner has inherited a strawberry birth mark on his tushy from me (mine is on my arm) and I'm sorry to say, he also inherited an inverted nipple (also from me). Don't ask. One day Cody was helping me clothe Conner and he noticed his mis-formed nipple. He asked, "what's up with that?" Poor kid. Cody is also a night owl like me and inherited my weak bladder. This isn't looking too good for me! Are there any traits or characteristics that you inherited from your family members?


  1. You gotta love those hand me down traits. I apparently inherited my father's snoring traits. Don't ask about that one! I think it's really all an imagination, LOL!! ;)

  2. Oh the drooling. Levi's shirts were constantly SOAKED from his drool. Maybe it's a boy thing.

    Family traits... hmmmm...
    I'm a total klutz. We call it the 'Richey Curse' or worse... 'pulling a Holly'

  3. The Lewis Butt smell is always a good one to have inherited. My all time favorite is the snorting, laughing and farting trick which I am happy to say that I have finally mastered after 42 years of good practice.


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