Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fine Feathered Friend

As long as we have lived in our house, we have had a pheasant or two live in our back yard. I'm sure it's because it looks like a natural habitat for it... weeds and dirt. Someday I would like to know what it would feel like to walk barefoot in cool, green grass. Well in our case, patches of grass, because nothing grows out here. Well anyway, sometimes our feathered friend will come close to the window and watch Steve playing on the computer. We consider him our pet.


  1. WOW, Jen!! That is so cool! Talk about up close and personal! We have seen them in our backyard, but never that close. Maybe I should hang out more often in my basement :)

  2. So cool. I always call my neighbor when I see them in our backyard so he can shoot them. Oh, wait, no, I mean take a PICTURE!! He would never shoot an unsuspecting pheasant who would make a great meal for his family...

  3. I have no fine feathered friend over here unless I count the stray cats that come to visit. One cat got hit and came and nearly died in our yard. So I called animal conrol to come and save it and they shot it in the head instead. I was scarred for days. And I was pregnant. It was an emotional time.

  4. p.s. Your comment approval is annoying. I like the satisfaction of seeing my comment just after I made it.

    Just sayin'....


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