Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Breathe Right...Sleep Tight

Thank you Breathe Right dork inventor for thinking outside of the nose, not inside. (have you seen the commercial?) Because of him, I am now getting more full nights of sleep. About 3 weeks ago Steve started to use them. What a difference. Steve is not a normal snorer. He doesn't snore consistently. Out of the blue, I would be awaken from my deep slumber to the noise of a large, snarling, bear. We had to move Conner to his room earlier than planned because Steve's snoring would wake him and he would cry. Once in the while, Steve would wake himself up! The other night I actually woke up in the middle of the night and thought to myself... Wow! Those things really work. I'm sure Steve appreciates being able to breathe better and not having me nudge him and tell him to turn over. Okay, so they aren't the sexiest things to look at. That's what the light switch is for. To hide our embarrassing imperfections. So for all of those who are suffering from restless, sleepless, nights.... I highly recommend these handy little strips.


  1. Jen, this is a funny post. You've got the blog bug. I can tell.

    If only I could post about John's snoring. He'd seriously kill me.
    I like the part where you said, "that's what the lightswitch is for". HA!!!!!
    I feel sorry for us and having to deal with all the snoring. Sigh.

  2. My mom has been using those since they were invented! Love it! I'm so glad you are getting more sleep! It makes a huge difference. I bet Daniel would be glad if I started to use them!

  3. LOL!! How funny!! "That's what the light switch is for" I have always wondered if those really work.
    Hey! Love your music list. I may have to go make one too. Love the songs you picked :)

  4. I love these things. I tried them the last time I was pregnant and they were lifesavers. I still need to get some more. Your blog is very cute. I love the pictures.

  5. I personally don't snore even though I could suck up a small child now and then. LOL Maybe I should invest in some of those and give my loved ones a break. Scott and I do make beautiful music together as long as you get to sleep first it's all good and that you don't wake yourself up. love the that's what the light switch is for but what do you do about the sun coming through the windows????


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