Monday, March 24, 2008

Shane and his new ride

If anyone deserves a new car, that would be my younger brother Shane. His last car was a sorry, poor, excuse for a car. He said he's still getting use to the luxuries, such as a trunk that doesn't have to be held up with a broom stick, heat, air conditioning, not breaking down in the middle of the free way, and not hearing grinding noises when you turn. And not to mention, his old car was ugly and horribly embarrassing to pick up his dates. Ohhhhh ya ladies... he's available. I'm just saying...

Congratulations on your new car Shane! Mom and Dad will be proud.


  1. WHOO HOOO, Shane!! WTG!! You'll be picking up some girls in no time. Nice car!!

  2. Nice car. Sometimes the beaters attract the ladies. Not me... but SOME ladies. ha ha ha


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