Thursday, October 13, 2011

Obsession and a GIVEAWAY!

  I have an obsession.  I may be on the borderline of requiring "professional help".
My obsession - pumpkins.
Which is kinda funny, cause I don't particularly love pumpkin pie, pumpkin bars, or pumpkin cookies.  I'll still eat them, but let's just say if I had a choice between some sort of chocolate desert and a pumpkin one... chocolate wins, every time.
My obsession with pumpkins runs so deep, I am one pumpkin away from being featured on the t.v. series, Hoarders.

There is just something about the pumpkin that sets my heart all a-glow!  Their roundness, the variety of colors, the smell...  I don't know!  They just make me smile!
So in honor of the great Pumpkin, fall, and Halloween, I thought it would be fun to have a GIVEAWAY

I will be giving away a TRIO of my FABRIC PUMPKINS
Two round chubby ones, a tall skinny one...
One tall, a flat one, and a mini one...
Yellow, white, bright orange, dark orange...

The possibilities are practically endless!

You choose!  That is, if you win!

I make these pumpkins by hand and even bake them in a coffee, cinnamon, vanilla, staining-mixture. 

This describes my pumpkin obsession.

To enter this giveaway, you must guess how many pumpkins/pumpkin decorations I have inside and outside of my home!

Everyday I will post some more pics of my fall/Halloween decor.  Be sure to try to count the pumpkins!

Some of the pumpkin decor will only be counted as 1.  Such, as pictures, garland, potpourri (yes, pumpkin potpourri).  The picture below, will be counted as one item.  Same as the one above... well, actually the little ensemble above would be counted as 2.

Could you just die from all of the pumpkin cuteness!
(*hint* there are 9 pumpkins featured below)

*Another hint - I have somewhere between the numbers 1-70 pumpkins/pumpkin decor inside and outside of my home.  I'm a freak.

You will have until Monday (October 17th) to enter your guess.  The person that guesses the closest number of pumpkins/pumpkin decor that I have hoarded, I mean COLLECTED, will win!  

Winner will be announced on Tuesday !

On a side note....
I found a Fall Bucket List on Pinterest (another obsession).  I loved the idea so much, I made my own version for our family.  We use a dry erase marker to mark off the things on our bucket list. Homeboy loves picking an activity to mark off our list!  He also likes to pick his nose.  And his rear.  We go through buckets of hand sanitizer in our home.

Have fun counting my friends!  And remember to link me!  It fills my heart with warm fuzzies when your friends and complete and total strangers visit my lil 'ol blog!


  1. Fun!! I linked you on fb. I an going to go with 68, although I was originally going to guess 214. ;) I LOVE all of your pumplin cuteness! Shane thinks I'm turning into a pumpkin with all of the orange shirts I've been wearing the last few weeks.

  2. How I LOVE me some pumpkin goodness! Halloween is in my veins, I can't help it. I'm gonna guess....94. ish. Can I add an 'ish' to my guess? No? Well then, 94 it is.

    And Pinterest? Oh man...that place is so dangerous for me, too.

  3. So cute, it's tempting to go with 70 but I think I'll guess 56, whatever the number it looks good.

  4. They are all so cute!! I am going to guess 59! Pick me, pick me!

  5. I will go with 60!


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