Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oreo Pops - Fourth of July Style

I've seen this idea floating around blog land and I thought it would be perfect to kick off the Fourth of July festivities, and to give the ladies and their families on my Visiting Teaching route.

The items you will need are:

Double Stuff Oreos. You will need the Double Stuff so the sucker stick will fit in between the cookies and because they have more frosting, thus making them entirely yummier.

Sprinkles. Fourth of July sprinkles to be exact.

Candy Melts.

I love Candy Melts. They make everything look yummy and smooth. I wish I could cover my self in Candy Melt. That way I would look smooth. Nevermind. Too many disturbing images.

Sucker sticks. You can find these near the cake decorating items in most craft stores.

Now that you have all of the items to make Oreo Pops you will need to place some wax on some cookies sheets or the counter. I placed mine in cookies sheets so that I can hide them. I live with vultures.

Next, push the sucker sticks in between the cookies, of the Oreos. I was able to make 24 pops with 1 bag of Candy Melts.

Melt the bag of Candy Melts in a microwave safe bowl in the microwave. Just follow the directions on the bag of the bag. It's easy!

Dip each Oreo in the melted candy coating. Use a spoon to cover the entire cookie and to smooth out the surface.Place the dipped Oreo Pop on the wax paper and then sprinkle the pop with sprinkles!

Let the dipped Oreos dry and harden. You can place them in the fridge to speed up the process. Or in my case, hide them in the laundry room. Cause it's the best hiding spot in my house, since NO ONE but ME does the laundry! (In my mind, I was yelling that last sentence.)

Place each Oreo pop in individual bags and tie the openingof the bag and the stick with ribbons.

Now, eat one! Or watch your family eat them because you are on a stinkin' diet and you haven't had sugar in days! I'm foaming at the mouth people and at times, my family has been scared of me. I know this because I saw Homeboy mouth the words, "Help me!" to his Sunbeam teacher at church.


  1. Awesomeness!! Jake would love these!

  2. We've made chocolate-covered Oreos before, but this is a new spin on it with the sprinkles and stick. I'll have to try this one soon!


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