Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Polka Dot Baby Shower

This past week me and some friends threw a little recipe exchange/surprise baby shower for our friend Kristen. We used the recipe exchange party as a way to get our friend to her own shower. Was it a little evil of us to make her slave over her Texas Sheet Cake, that she brought? Yes. Was it evil of us to make her bring her yummy cake to her own baby shower? Why yes, yes it was. Was it worth it? Heck yeah!

The shower was held at my house and I decided to decorate with polka dots! Polka dots make me happy. Polka dots make me smile!

(sorry about the quality of the pics - camera battery died)

I had some clay pots, that I had previously painted yellow, orange, and pink, on hand. I used my Cricut machine to cut out circles to add to the pots. So cute and easy!

I also added polka dots of different sizes to the the plastic table cloths on the food table and gift table!

You know what else makes me smile... pom poms. (Click HERE to read my tutorial on how to make tissue paper pom poms) They are easy to make and people think you are amazingly, talented, when you have some of these hanging from your ceiling. It feels my ego with such pride!

I added some tissue paper roses to some of the pots and placed them here and there.

Every chance I get to decorate anything girly, I jump at the chance to!

All of the food was soooo good and I even dreamed about my friend, Sarah's fruit dip. Oh yeah, it was that good.

Me and my friends are also blessed to be able to celebrate our friendships and Kristen's baby girl, that is due to arrive 1st of July (she'd prefer sooner).


  1. How stinkin' cute. Sounds like a fun shower!

  2. Yeah for surprise parties!! And I LOVE that you got her to make her cake for her own party! The decorations are so fun! I have made the tissue paper pom poms and I'm a huge fan. The paper roses were awesome as well! Polka dots make me happy too.


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